Posted by: Tricia | June 25, 2009

The Way Things Are

A few weeks ago we took Elliott to visit his Pop’s grave for the first time.  He knew that we were going and he was excited to take “flowers to Pop”.

I don’t think I will ever get used to the idea that this is just the way things are…






Elliott had fun running and playing at the cemetery, and we read scripture while we were there.  We have begun referring to it as the place where we go and think about Pop…even though we can think about him any time.



Words cannot express how badly I wish you could know your Pop, sweet boy.



  1. You made me cry again. Sweet pictures. I also find it hard to believe your son will not know his Pop this side of heaven.

    It makes me a little sad that sweet boy has to learn of graves and cemeteries at such a young age. You two are doing a great job of honoring David’s dad and keeping him a part of your family and your children’s heritage.

  2. what a great sweet post.

  3. this is a bittersweet post. But there is something great about that second shot of Elliott – because his Pop is with our King and we are going to joyfully join him there. I don’t know if I am explaining that right, but I hope you understand.

  4. powerful post.


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