Posted by: Tricia | July 22, 2009

It’s official…

…We’re moving!


This news is more than a little bit belated, but nonetheless, I wanted to document it before we’re actually moved out of the house!


(We never got a SOLD sign to add to our real estate sign, but I did manage to get a picture of David taking the sign out of our yard!)

As for the future…

We close on the sale of our house next week and will be totally moved out by Tuesday. We found a home that meets our needs perfectly and we are so excited to get settled in there! Unfortunately we can’t start “settling in” for another 3 1/2 weeks, so we’ll be crashing at my mom and Dave’s place (thanks, guys!). To break up the time spent at our home away from home, we’ll be taking a mini family vacation to San Antonio for some much needed R&R.  The trip is actually a birthday present from my mom and Dave (thanks again, guys!)  We’ll be gone on Elliott’s 2nd birthday so we’ve got some special things planned just for him! Also, the Mason’s will be out of town for the last week of our transition and they have graciously offered their home up to us…and in exchange for the awesome digs we’ll be watering their baby trees for them!

As for the present…

Packing, packing, and more packing!  Right now I can safely say that I hope we never move again =)




  1. Hi Tricia!

    So glad to hear you were able to sell your home but you’re right about moving….you forget how much work it is! We moved 2 years ago when the boys were 3 and 1 and it can be crazy! Praying for a smooth transition!

  2. Hooray! You’re right, moving is never fun. But how cool to think of being in your Forever home. So many memories will be made there. And you have so many memories from this one! It’s been a great place, and I’m envious of the next owners!

  3. Congrats on the new house! I hope you have an easy move! Can’t wait to see pictures of your house, Janet was telling us about it! Will we get to see you while you are down this way? It says on Facebook that is is your birthday today so Happy Birthday! Susan

  4. I hope the move is going smoothly for you! It is so much work and I can imagine having a toddler makes it even harder.

    I am so excited for your new house and I cannot wait to see it!!

  5. Packing is no fun and I hope you don’t have to do it again either 🙂

    Have a blast in SA! Irecommend the Pig Stand if you guys can squeeze it in. They have great pie. We went there on our honeymoon ages ago and now it’s been featured on the Food Network. Ah trips, they are all about the food for me 🙂

    And my trees thank you in advance.

  6. Woo Hoo! You know whats crazy about me…is I LOVE packing and unpacking! I know I’m crazy, of I have done neither since becoming a Mom…so maybe it is more difficult with kids. 🙂
    If you all need anything let us know!

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