Posted by: Tricia | August 10, 2009


It was unavoidable.  We couldn’t get around it.  My 29th birthday, my last birthday as a 20-something-year-old, we spent moving out of our first home.  Boo.  I sulked about it for half a day or so and then decided to start acting my age and get over it.

If it weren’t for my incredibly thoughtful family I just might have had a reason to sulk a little bit longer!   All day long I received sweet phone calls, emails, and text messages from friends and family.   David’s ever-elusive Aunt Libby left a surprise gift on the doorstop.  Dropping gifts off and running is her trademark and I was flattered to have been a victim!  After the movers were gone we met my incredibly thoughtful mother-in-law at the Yucatan Taco Stand for dinner.  Dinner was amazing and we had a great time visiting, as always.




After dinner we headed back to Janet’s house where a surprise cake and gifts were waiting for me.  Everything was just perfect!


I didn’t expect to get dinner, much less a cake and presents!  Elliott was enamored by the whole birthday process…cake, singing, blowing the candles out, and then gifts!  He must have been taking mental notes because a few days later, on his birthday, one of his first thoughts for the day was “where’s my birthday cake?  Blow candles out?”  Stinker!

So there you have it.  29 has come and gone.  I think I’ll retract my demands for a “redo 29th” next year because this one was just perfect!  Bring on the 30’s!!



  1. Great update. I know that you have had your hands incredibly full. Happy belated birthday I’m lucky to be able to add you to my girlfriend list!

  2. So glad that your day ended up so great. And I have loved the 30’s so far. Embrace it girl!

  3. […] late, but I wanted to make sure I blogged about the happenings on and around my 30th birthday.  Last year, after having to move out of our house on my birthday, I whined that I wanted a redo the next […]

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