Posted by: Tricia | September 15, 2009

My Little Kitchen Helper

Elliott is all about helping us do whatever task we are trying to accomplish these days.  We try to include him in most things whether it be giving him the broom & dustpan while I’m vacuuming, allowing him to open the mailbox and get the mail, or asking him to pour rice into a pot when I’m making dinner.  Things go much more smoothly when he is allowed to be a part of the action, and it is so much fun to see that great big smile on his face when he completes a task successfully.  That’s why we absolutely love the Kitchen Helper that the Parkers gave Elliott for his birthday!!  He is crazy about it and wants to help mommy out in the kitchen all the time!  I love it because he has a great view of the kitchen counter and there is a low risk of him falling out of it like an ordinary kitchen stool.  It even has a chalkboard and a dry erase board built in for my little man to draw pictures on!  When we’re done making dinner it folds up and stores away nicely in the corner. We love, love, love it!  Thanks, Parker family, for such a thoughtful gift!  I look forward to having lots of help in the kitchen for many years to come!





  1. Yeah! So glad he likes it. It has made our meal preparation times much easier around here!

  2. The Kitchen Helper looks awesome! Evangeline fell off a “regular” wooden stool in the kitchen today and bit through her lip! She’s fine but may have a scar. (Luke was using our Kitchen Helper at the time and left poor Evangeline to fend for herself.)

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