Posted by: Tricia | October 9, 2009

A Beating Heart

A beating heart is a beautiful thing…


David and I are so excited to share that we are expecting a baby! This morning we met and casually talked in the waiting room all the while suppressing our nervousness about what awaited us in the ultrasound room. My name was finally called and before we knew it we were gazing upon a healthy 8 week fetus with a beautiful beating heart! Amazing! This is our fourth pregnancy, and the first “first visit to the doctor” to end with tears of joy, not tears of sadness!

We celebrated with a quick toddler-free lunch at a local mexican restaurant and reran the joyous moment in our minds over and over again.  We both realized that we had spent so much time preparing for God to help us through another dissappointment that we hadn’t even thought about what it might feel like to praise Him for being there with us for a victory!  Praise God for blessing us with this precious new life!



  1. Congratulations! You are all in my prayers. Another beautiful Welch will be here soon!

  2. Oh Tricia…I’m so happy for you guys. Can’t wait to meet Baby Welch.

  3. From Krista: I’m not a “crier” (cryer? sp?), but I am so excited for you and David and Elliott that yes, I’m crying! God, you are so good!

  4. Congrats! I’m so excited for you, David and Elliot!

  5. We are all thrilled for you! Praise God for a sweet baby and perfect, beating heart! What a joy!

  6. I am so excited for you! Congrats!!

  7. Congrats! It’s really an overwhelming experience when you’ve been through the heartache!! I remember, that one little pixel that blinked was so full of – everything!

  8. We are praising God with you guys! That is the best news and I can’t wait to know if it is a boy or girl!!! We are so excited!

  9. Tricia, I am so very happy for you guys and so glad I got on blogger today. I have kind of put the blogging world on hiatus but decided to check in today. Congratulations!!!! (I am pregnant too and expecting in March)

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so excited for y’all!


  11. i’m so happy for you 🙂 what a wonderful blessing! will keep you in my prayers for a wonderful pregnancy 🙂

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