Posted by: Tricia | October 9, 2009

Her Craftiness

Stacey and I met up the other day for a much needed play date for the boys (and girl!), and a little craftiness during nap time!  It’s been nearly a year now that we have owned the same camera with only the lens cap strap, or lack of one, to differentiate between them.  Add a few more friends with the same camera into the mix and it makes for a really confusing dilemma at a social gathering!

We’ve been saying for months that we need to get together to “learn our cameras”, but let’s be real, a girl can’t learn anything without donning the proper accessories, first, right?

I spotted this tutorial around the same time Stacey spotted another one and we knew it was the perfect solution to our camera confusion.

We chatted on the couch for a while and let the boys act like….well, boys.


It was so much fun to hear their giggles coming from across the house.  That Bennett sure is a funny boy!


Then, after lunch while the boys were down for their naps it was time to get crafty!  This simple project took us way longer than it should have because we are both novices when it comes to sewing (I am blaming my sewing machine for most of my delays), but it really was simple.  I think with a little more practice I could whip one of these out in about 15 minutes.  Since then, I have come across this one…so cute! And this one with pockets! Love it!


The finished products!



I made two straps…one with polka-dots and some pink, and one that I think is a little more masculine…just in case David ever picks the camera up!

Now on to step 2: getting to know my camera!  Whoo hoo!




  1. Those are SO SUPER CUTE! I may need a tutorial so I can make one too.

  2. Ooh…I like that pocket one too! It’s a little more complicated, but I like how the tapered ends would keep the cover from sliding around.

    Thanks so much for driving up to play with us! We all had so much fun!

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