Posted by: Tricia | October 21, 2009



It seems like every day Elliott says something that sends David and I into hysterics.  He is becoming such a funny boy and I am afraid that I am going to forget all of the cute things that he comes up with if I don’t write them down.  The list could go on and on, but here are a few Elliottisms that I can remember at the moment.

(Elliott wearing his blue rain boots and carrying a pillow slung over his shoulder)

Me:  “You look like Santa Claus !”

Elliott:  “Ho, ho, ho…merry go ’round!”


Elliott woke up from a nap and was happily talking to himself.  When I went into his room a few minutes later he exclaimed, 

I been hangin’ Raffie in my bed!!

Translation:  I’ve been hanging out with Raffie (his stuffed giraffe) in my bed.


One day I took Elliott to play at the mall and we shared a 2 entree plate from Panda Express for lunch afterward.  On our way home from the mall we discussed our outing and Elliott piped in

We’re always hungry for Panda!

Yes, Baby.  We are always hungry for Panda.  It is yummy for sure.


Elliott and I spent last weekend in the Miami area with my mom (more about that to come!)  While we were there we attended a luau.  The show started after dinner and I was prepared for E to be interested for 5, maybe 10 minutes.  He sat, transfixed, with his eyes glued to the dancers for the entire hour!  After the show was over he asked for “another song”.  And, when asked if he liked the “boy dancers” or the “girl dancers” he replied,

Or the girl dancers.

Oh, my.  Isn’t it a little early for this kind of talk?



  1. Those are great! I read them aloud to Elliott and we got a good laugh, thanks for that! I wish I could hear him say all these things.

  2. I love it! The “ho ho, merry go round” still has me laughing. Sweet, sweet boy. Keep writing all those Elliottisms down. Priceless!

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