Posted by: Tricia | October 21, 2009

Falling in Love With Fall

Dear Summer,

You have always been my favorite time of year, but I am fairly certain that Fall has stolen your lead…at least for now.  I have always loved the constant warm sunshine you provide and hanging out by the pool has always been one of my favorite past-times.  I love being tan.  I am all about my birthday in July, fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, and I love a good backyard BBQ.  But, I must admit that your excessive temperatures make for a very cranky and sweaty red-faced baby stuck in the back seat of the car with not much airflow.  Plus, who wants to play outside when the heat index is 110??   Don’t even get me started on the electric bills we received for the months of June, July, and August.  They were a punch to the gut to say the least. 

Fall has arrived, and I must say that even with the rain that never seems to end, I quite enjoy it.  The leaves fluttering to the ground; the crisp, cool air that inspires me to slow down and savor the moment; the way the sunlight illuminates the backyard in the late afternoon creating the most beautiful environment for some gorgeous photographs of a certain blonde-haired, blue-eyed toddler that I know.  I have also developed a new love for pumpkin patches and Halloween…a holiday that I really could have lived without before becoming a mother.

Perhaps my change of heart is due to my not-so fabulous physique these days.  I’ll be honest.  Donning a bathing suit on this flabby physique is not exactly a self-esteem booster these days.  Or, perhaps it is because I just don’t have the time to bask in the sunlight of Summer that I enjoy so much.  I’m lucky if I get to take an shower and dry my hair in one sitting, so having the time to spend hours and hours by the pool in quest of the perfect tan is more of a dream than a reality.   But, I think more than anything, that my favorite time of year may be evolving because of my love for my little boy and all of the things that make him happy.  Much to my chigrin, he is not a lover of all-things summer like his mama.  He would much rather play beside the pool than go for a swim and he has a healthy fear of the ocean and all of its spendor.  He much prefers the beach.  He has inherited his Daddy’s sweat gene and within minutes of being outside in the heat his sweet little head looks like he’s just gotten out of the bath.  Don’t get me wrong.  He would spend an eternity outside in triple-digit temperatures looking for bugs, digging in the dirt, and playing with the water hose, all the while drenching his neckline with sweat.  I, however, find these activities to be much more enjoyable when the average temperature is not above 100 degrees.  

Summer, I am sorry to say, that at least for now you will have to assume second place.  I am falling in love with Fall…

…and I think that Elliott is a fan, too.    


Tricia (your ex-biggest fan)










  1. I think your issue may not be with summer so much as it is with summer in Texas. Ya know those beautiful “fall” days that we have here in Texas, where it’s chilly in the morning and evening but beautiful and mid-70’s to low 80’s in the afternoon? Those are what summer is like in the north. That’s what summer is SUPPOSED to be like.

    While fall will probably alway be my favorite time of year (although it’s northern fall), since finally admitting that I’m going to be in the south/Texas long term, I’ve developed a new appreciation for northern summers.

  2. I love this post! So great! I hope Summer doesn’t take the break up too hard…you did your best to let her down gently. My, how motherhood changes us.

    And the pictures of your darling boy are wonderful too. I absolutely adore the dump truck shot…it’s fabulous!

  3. Elliot is so precious! And congrats on your new addition! Life with two is a lot of fun. I’m hoping life with three is as well, but we’ll see.

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