Posted by: Tricia | November 6, 2009

State Fair Saga

I begged to go.

David hates going, but lovingly obliged.

Checked the weather forecast.

Looked like a good day to go.

Left Fort Worth after church at Elliott’s nap time so that he could nap in the car.

Fought traffic all the way there.

Spent $10 on parking, $22 on tickets, but saved $8 thanks to coupons from McDonald’s tray liners.

Elliott climbed on a giant tractor.


He was disappointed that he couldn’t get inside to drive it.


We visited the “farm” and learned how it works.


Elliott climbed on a tiny tractor.


We visited the petting zoo.

There were a lot of people there and a lot of hand sanitizer stations.

We watched a silly dancing dog show.

We left early only to discover that it was raining.


It was supposed to be a good day to go.

We took our PB&J sack lunches back inside to the silly dog show.

We were locked out.

We ate our PB&J sack lunches in the damp dark hallway behind the silly dog show.

Not in the sunshine on a grassy lawn as I had imagined.

It was still raining.

We got wet.

We ate cotton candy.


We looked at the cars inside to avoid getting wetter.

Elliott “drove” all 3,000 cars…or however many were there. 

It seemed like 3,000.

Including this tiny car.


He loved it!

We saw Big Tex and he talked to us.

Elliott loved it!


We bought a funnel cake and some Texas Taters and spent $12 more.

We did not visit the midway due to the rain.

We did ride the tram to and from the parking lot.

Elliott loved it!

As we were exiting the parking lot we heard gunshots and witnessed a police officer ducking for cover behind his car.

We reversed the car back into the parking lot at what seemed like 80 mph to avoid being killed.

Elliott sang Jesus Loves Me in the back seat, oblivious to the life-threatening situation we were in.

I couldn’t help but have morbid visions of him parentless. 

We high-tailed it back to Fort Worth once the coast was clear.

We joked that we are now “the people from Fort Worth who are scared to go to Dallas” (you know what I’m talking about).

David hates the fair even more now.

And, I will never live it down.



  1. Oh my goodness! We didn’t even try to go this year and we had free tickets and everything. Glad you guys were safe!

  2. OMG!! I’m so sorry this happened. BUT, you cracked me up the way you presented this. I could just hear you telling this story. Miss ya!!

  3. We went to the fair on a day it was supposed to rain all day…it rained all the way there, but stopped by the time we got our tickets. So it was soggy, but otherwise not so bad. Jon and I go every year, so this year it was all about letting Caleb enjoy it. Of course, he really could have cared less, so we didn’t go see a whole lot, which worked out well for us.

  4. Oh, funny girl! I’m a little sorry to laugh at your misery…but it’s kind of humorous. Except for the almost dying part. I’m sorry your state fair trip was a near disaster and I’m sure it goes without saying that we’re all pretty thrilled you didn’t die!

    We will go next year but probably have Jeff take a weekday off work when there is free parking and half price tickets. And hopefully no rain.

  5. oh my gosh! I am sorry for all the drama, but your presentation was awesome.

    and I laughed out loud at the “fort worth people afraid to go to Dallas” I am not afraid, I just hate going.

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