Posted by: Tricia | November 10, 2009

Elliottisms (part II)


While David was loading the dishwasher recently Elliott suggested that he put his book in too.  David, being the great negotiator that he is, explained to Elliott that he might not want to do that because the book would get wet and he wouldn’t be able to read it anymore.  Elliott agreed, saying “Yeah.  It’s a dishwasher.  It’s not a book washer!”


We have a few favorite bedtime songs that we sing over and over again with Elliott.  He almost never sings along with us, giving the impression that he doesn’t know the songs.  He can recite books almost word for word after reading them just a few times so it occurred to me ask him to simply “fill in the blanks” to some of our favorite songs one night instead of asking him to “sing”. I began one of our favorite songs, Silent Night, and we were amazed by how well he knew the words…up until the point when he referred to Jesus as the “Holy invert” instead of the Holy infant!


About a week before Halloween I began preparing Elliott for trick-or-treating by explaining to him that he would wear a costume, that his friends would all be wearing costumes, and that we were going to go up to other peoples’ front doors, knock, and say “TRICK OR TREAT!”.  And, then he would get candy!  He caught on quickly so we moved on.  A few days later when I asked him to practice again, he pretended to knock on a door and let out a very confident “TRICKY TRUCK!”.  Not quite right, but I told him he would probably get extra candy for being extra cute!


While trick-or-treating Elliott saw an older boy dressed in this Elmo costume.


Beside himself with excitement, he exclaimed, “It’s Elmo!!!  He’s got a boy inside him!”


Sweet boy, you keep us laughing and you give us so much joy!  We love you and all of the funny things you say!



  1. I love that kid! I love that you are writing these things down…I’ve been slacking in that area (among others). That Elmo quote is CLASSIC! So cute…one to repeat through the years.

  2. he cracks me up!

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