Posted by: Tricia | November 10, 2009

Third Time’s a Charm

This Halloween was monumental in that Elliott actually “got it”.  I guess you could say “third time’s a charm!”.   Several weeks before the big day I rummaged through his closet and determined that we could probably turn him into a funky clown or Bob the Builder without having to spend a lot of extra money on his costume.  There was not a doubt in his mind that he wanted to be “Bob the Builder” when asked to choose between the two.  We talked about Halloween for weeks before and he perfected his sweetest “trick-or-treat” that was to be his ticket to lots and lots of candy goodness!  He was so excited.  I chose not to do a “trial run” with his costume fearing that the overalls and hat would not go over well the first time, much less a second time. 

The day finally arrived!  David was assigned the daunting task of trying to get Elliott to wear his costume.   A few tears were shed, but in the end, the reminder of  candy waiting to be eaten was a force too strong to reckon with.  We won the battle and Elliott walked out of the house as the cutest little Bob the Builder I’ve ever seen!


The rest of the trick-or-treaters in our group were adorable!  We were accompanied by superman (aka: Will), Kate as the cutest little chick-a-dee you’ve ever seen, Nadia as a dragon, Eli represented Home Depot in his orange builder outfit while Elliott stayed loyal to Lowe’s, Elijah the spider (who refused to wear his batman costume), and John Arthur the cowboy.  Keeping with tradition we kicked off our annual Treats for Tots party in our old neighborhood.  My mother-in-law still lives there and was kind enough to loan us her house for a few minutes.


Elliott and Kate shared a wagon this year!


All of the kids got the hang of it quickly! 


We chatted with some of the best neighbors ever! (We miss them so much)


 I just had to include this photo because of the scary guy headed right for Elliott.  I didn’t even notice him at the time but when I went to edit the photo to make it lighter I saw him!  Yikes!


After we’d done all the trick-or-treating we could handle we headed back to Nonnie’s house where she was hosting a grown-up party of her own.  Elliott and David dove right into the veggie tray sitting on the table.  Crazy cats!  All of that candy loot and they choose broccoli!  This picture was not staged…Elliott actually took a break from the bag of Skittles he was eating to munch on some broccoli!  I wish I could take credit for his good eating habits, but this is just one more way that he is exactly like his daddy.


And just for fun…here are a few pictures from the Halloweens of the past!







  1. He is such a cutie!!

  2. we had a blast with you guys

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