Posted by: Tricia | November 18, 2009

Organization or Segregation?

A few weeks ago Elliott entertained himself by loading all of his little people and animals into a wagon and toting them from room to room where he would unload them, line them, up, and then reload them into the wagon.  He did this several times before David noticed that there was a pattern (I probably never would have noticed).  Would you call this organization or segregation?



  1. Whatever it is, it is impressive! Such a smart boy you have.

  2. I love that stage of toddlerhood…where you see how their little minds are working! I love the organization and how you can obviously see that they are being purposeful and working their detailed plan. It truly is amazing. (from Krista – wordpress says I am logged in as “saintluke”) 🙂

  3. that is so cool!

  4. without a doubt organization! And I’m certain that your child is some sort of genius!! WOW! I am beyond impressed!! I’m thinking of you Tricia!! I hope you’re doing GREAT!!! Much love!

  5. Do you think he could teach ME how to do that? (This time it actually IS Luke, and not Krista).

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