Posted by: Tricia | December 3, 2009

Come Play With Us!

Before we moved David and I wrote out a list of all of the things that we really wanted to have in a new house.  Although we loved living in a historic home it just didn’t have a lot of the “creature comforts” that I found myself longing for with a new baby in the house; things like closets and a great backyard for a toddler to explore; things like a garage and enough bedrooms for a growing family.  Another feature high on my priority list was a space for Elliott to sprawl out and play!

When we walked into our new house for the first time I immediately fell in love with the layout.  The house was perfect for us and lived up to all of our expectations on the list of “must haves”…including the perfect room for a playroom!

The previous owners used this room as a den, but I immediately began envisioning it as Elliott’s playroom…a place where nothing is off-limits; a place where we could create, imagine, roughhouse, build, make music and explore!

It took us a few months to finish out all of the details, but the playroom is the first room in our new house that we can officially call “done”!

It is located off the foyer just as you come inside the front door.  I love that it’s close to the living room and the kitchen so that I can be near Elliott when he’s playing even if I’m trying to get things done in the other room.

We got this sleeper-sofa on Craig’s List a few years ago for our den and we love having it in the playroom now!   We eventually want to add some french doors to the entryway making it even more private and a place where guests can stay if needed.

Elliott has his own pint-sized table for 4 in the corner!  We spend a lot of time here creating art and playing with play-dough.

The frames on the wall house Elliott’s art and can be changed out easily to display his latest masterpieces!

Most of Elliott’s books are in his room, but I put a few in a basket next to the tent in the corner with the idea that he could take a book inside and read by himself.  He hasn’t used the tent for that purpose yet, but I would still love to create some sort of a “book nook” for him eventually.

We found these toy shelves at IKEA.  I love the versatility they offer for storing books, toys, puzzles, and craft supplies!

One of my favorite things about the playroom is this colorful art collage!  It was super easy to make and I think it is so festive!  I also LOVE the giant window that lets in tons of natural light and gives us a great view of our front yard.

There you have it!  We love, love, love our new playroom!  Come on over and play with us any time!


  1. it looks great! you know what might look great in this room? a nice bean bag!

  2. Aw, I’m sorry we missed out on the awesome playroom this week! Next time both our boys will be in tip-top shape and ready to play!

  3. Your playroom is so adorable! I love to hear how happy you guys are in your new place. I can’t believe we haven’t had a chance to come see it yet. Soon – I promise!

  4. Wow! The new house looks great!

  5. I love it!! We will come soon.

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