Posted by: Tricia | December 11, 2009

Say it Again

David ordered Chinese take-out for himself at the office earlier this week.  Because I am pregnant and he doesn’t want to argue with me about food he loves me and wants to make me happy in every way, he said “ok” when I begged to eat dinner at a Chinese buffet….that same night.

But that’s beside the point….

When I picked David up at work that evening he had to run back inside to grab the fortune he received with his meal.  We both agreed that it was true…but then again, can’t all fortunes that come from fortune cookies be applied and made true to the recipient’s life in one way or another?

We picked his truck up at the shop and made our way to another Chinese restaurant across town dinner.   After dinner the waitress brought 3 fortune cookies with our bill.  Elliott chose one, I chose one, and David took the left-over one.

Imagine our surprise when he read his.  Different cookie, red ink, same message.

I’m not familiar with the randomness of fortune cookie fortunes, how many different cliche’ messages are printed and stuffed into a particular brand of cookie, or what the odds are of this happening again.  But, I still think it was awesome.  And the food was pretty good, too!



  1. I am FREAKING OUT about that fortune cookie sitation. That is not right!! The odds of that happening have GOT to be so slight!! CRAZY!

  2. That is TOTALLY weird. And I have consumed A LOT of Chinese food in my life and never remember seeing that one. Most of the time we get ones that are even fortunes.

    That is just fun!

  3. […] Posing with Santa at a Chinese buffet.  This was the same day as David’s freaky fortune cookie experience. […]

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