Posted by: Tricia | December 24, 2009

Elliottisms (Part III)

Our dog, Maverick, and Elliott have become quite good friends now that Elliott understands now how to “pet gently”.  One day while talking about why Maverick can’t pray or go into stores with us I reasoned that Maverick is an animal.  Elliott begged to differ.

Maverick’s not an animal….he’s a friend.

David studied French for 7 years through middle and high school and I love to hear him speak the language!  We have a few children’s books that are written in French that he and Elliott read together.  One night while David was explaining to Elliott that they speak French in France, and “would he like to visit someday?”, Elliott responded with a sad look on his face,

I can’t go to France, cuz I don’t speak French.

Upon arriving to one of our favorite restaurants to meet David for lunch…

It’s Taco Beano…our bellies will be full of food!

One day Ms. Louanne asked Elliott where baby Jude was.  He knew the answer to that one!

Baby Jude is a work with mommy (patting belly)

In fact, he seems a bit jealous already that Jude gets to be with Mommy all of the time instead of him.  I try to remind him of all of the things we can do together that I can’t do with Jude because he’s in my belly.



  1. He cracks me up. And in that conversation I told him that “he used to go to work with mommy like that” but he just looked at me like I was crazy. ROFL!

  2. What a great picture!

    I tell you what, I just love to talk to two year olds. They are hilarious! I’m really cracking up at “bellies full of food!” because for some reason I think I can picture his big, squinty grin and hear the excitement in his voice. Love him!

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