Posted by: Tricia | January 12, 2010

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa Dave’s

This year we celebrated Christmas with my family a few days early.  It was a fun-filled evening that included a delicious dinner, a ton of amazing gifts, and had a great time visiting with family!

My Grandpa received coal in his stocking because he was definitely a very naughty boy this year!

Elliott really got the hang of opening his gifts.  He was tearing into them by the end of the night!

He would say “I wonder what’s inside of it!”  when anyone was opening a gift.  He got so excited when the object inside was a box and exclaim, “Oh, it’s a box!”.  And, with every last gift he would suggest that we open the toy to play with it right away.  We had to distract him with the next gift to ensure that we would finish this century!

We are so thankful to have such wonderful family close by to celebrate this special time of year!



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