Posted by: Tricia | January 12, 2010

Deck the Halls

This was Elliott’s first Christmas to participate in decorating the house and it was so much fun!  We don’t have a lot of decorations to put out, but I love the simple things that we do have.

After we put out the nativity set Elliott and I sat down and read through the entire story of Jesus’ birth in the Jesus Storybook Bible. Elliott listened carefully to every word and I cried.

He did a great job helping with the stockings.  In fact, about once a day he will remove them all from their hooks and put them back…in the right order every time, of course!

He hung ornaments with much concentration!

And, Daddy even let him put the star on top of the tree!

David joked that our tree looked a little Dr. Seuss-like with it’s oversized tippy top.  He kept saying he was going to give it a trim, but I loved the quirkiness of it!

Every year we add a new ornament to the tree and mark it with the date.  I thought these sweet bears reading were just perfect for this year!

It’s January 10th now and our house is still decked out because we haven’t had a moment to undecorate!  Our tree is still beautiful, dropped very few pine needles, and is just now starting to dry out.  David and I both agree that it was a very well behaved tree…the best we’ve ever had! 


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