Posted by: Tricia | January 12, 2010

Jesse Tree

From the moment I first heard of a Jesse Tree I have been so excited to have one of our own!  I didn’t give myself long to prepare for it but I was able to find most of the ornaments we needed at the store and make a few at home.

Each night that we did our devotion was such a sweet time of reading the Bible together, discussing the lesson learned, praying, and singing a hymn.  Sometimes Elliott was able to focus better than others, but he defintitely enjoyed the devotions.

We found most of the stories in our children’s Bibles, and a few were read out of Daddy’s big Bible.

Elliott loved being able to hang the ornaments on the tree and I often find him examining them throughout the day.

Unfortunately the business of the season caught up with us and we weren’t able to stay on schedule with our devotions.  Next year I hope we can stick with it and finish out on time!

This Christmas has been filled with so much joy because of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Thank you, God, for giving us this precious boy to share your word with!  May he grow to know you more and more each day!



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  2. It’s so great that y’all started that tradition. Seriously, I want to get together and try to gather/make a complete set of ornaments. How about sometime soon before we forget and before it is suddenly Christmas again?

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