Posted by: Tricia | January 12, 2010

White Christmas

This year we were blessed with a real white Christmas!  I worked Christmas Eve and missed the majority of the blizzard-like weather, but I did get to enjoy looking at it afterward.  David had the day off and was home with Elliott, but he declined to go out in it.  Perhaps he hasn’t forgotten the last time we went out in the snow and he complained that it was too cold.  I am disappointed that there are no pretty pictures from the day of Elliott playing in the snow or building a snowman in the backyard, but  at least we have something to document such an historic event!  Some sources say that the last white Christmas Fort Worth had was in 1926, and others don’t list a date at all.

Maverick absolutely hates being cold as evidenced by the look of disdain on his face.  He spent the day curled up on the couch, seeking warmth in his sweater.  We’re not sure he ever went outside to relieve himself!

Here’s a picture of the 2-3 inches that accumlated that day.


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