Posted by: Tricia | January 13, 2010

Splish Splash!

Here is a picture of Elliott’s bathroom before we moved in.  There was a lot of green and a lot of frogs!  It was one of the first rooms we painted and we’ve slowly been adding the finishing touches. Eventually we would love to replace the counter tops, sink, mirror, and light fixture, but for now a basic face lift has really given the room new life!

One of the first things David did was remove the sliding glass shower doors.  It makes bath time a lot easier and I love that we were able to add the shower curtain!  I found this whimsical sea life curtain on sale and thought it would be perfect for a boy or a girl’s bathroom.  Maybe one day I won’t be the only girl living in this house!

We matched the paint color to the bubbles on this rug.  The previous owner left the green rugs and towels that went with the frog bathroom.  I was so excited to save a buck and use them in our “new” bathroom, too!

It’s hard to capture with the camera, but this is probably the best shot of the paint.  We added the wooden shelf above the toilet and I painted some wooden letters to match the details of the shower curtain.

I found this little guy and thought he was the perfect addition to our under the sea-themed room!

Another fun addition.

I made this roman shade out of a sweet green and white polka-dot fabric.  I tried, but failed, to get a good close-up picture of it.

We added a few photos to the wall to top it off.

The finished product!

And, a happy customer!



  1. Nadia loved the bathroom when we were there Sunday. She especially liked the frog trash can and crab sink stuff.

  2. That is so awesome. As I’ve mentioned before, don’t be surprised if our upstairs bathroom looks eerily familiar next time you visit!

    I ADORE the “splash” letters you painted! I didn’t notice them when I was there and they are so cute!! And you made your own curtain…what a crafty girl you are.

    Love it all!

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