Posted by: Tricia | February 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I cannot remember ever having seen a snowfall like this in my 29 1/2 years of living in the south.  We woke up Thursday morning to find snow on the ground…and it kept coming all day long and into the night!  It was absolutely beautiful…just like a real winter wonderland, and we enjoyed every minute of it!

David had to go into work, but Elliott and I quickly ate breakfast so that we could get dressed and go outside to play!

We threw snowballs…

We tasted the snow.

Ok, Elliott tasted a lot of it.  By the time we headed back inside his little cheeks were bright red because he kept putting the cold snow up to his face to eat it.  Silly boy.

We made snow angels…

…and we caught snowflakes on our tongues!

We even made a little snowman!  Elliott appropriately named him Frosty.

On my way to work the next day I had the best time looking at all of the snowmen that sprouted up across town.  I was amazed at how big some of them were!  Then some of my northerner friends at work filled me in on how to make a proper snowman… I had no idea that you could roll snow into a giant ball!!

We may not have made our Frosty the conventional way, but we still think he’s cute!  Later on in the day, when it had snowed a few more inches, Elliott looked out the window and said “Frosty’s sinking!”

We had so much fun!

After nap time we headed outside for some more fun in the snow.  I promised Elliott that we would make snow cones, only to realize that Hershey’s chocolate syrup was the only topping that we had…it tasted good, but made for a yucky looking snow cone.

We also went on a wagon ride!

It didn’t last long because it was so hard to pull him through the deep snow!

It kept snowing all night long.  Here are a few photos David snapped the next morning.  The official report for our area was a total of 12.5 inches.  We got about 10 at our house.

On Saturday morning the snow began to melt, but we still made use of what was left.  Afterall, Dady was home!  We decided to make a “real” snowman this time!  Unfortunately the old frosty was decapitated in the process.  Elliott named him Sinclair and a thinner, faceless version of him is still standing in our back yard!

This was certainly a snowfall that made history!  We may never see snow like this again in Texas, but we will certainly never forget the memories we made!



  1. I love all your photos! What a blast that was last week.

  2. […] far this winter has been a lot different from last winter.   Instead of playing in the snow we’ve been playing in the leaves!  But, watch out for […]

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