Posted by: Tricia | February 16, 2010

Out and About

Here are a few photos I recently uploaded from my phone.  I often forget about some of these memories until someone asks to see a picture of Elliott when I’m at work or away from a computer.  Aren’t cell phones great?

One of my mom’s and my favorite things to do together is to make a “run to the thrift store”.  There is a really great one in Irving that we’ve visited for years and Elliott loves to go, too.  All of the toys are out of the boxes and no one cares if you make a mess when you’re playing with them!

After finding some great deals at the thrift store we headed over to one of my favorite restaurants in Irving, Masala. Mmmm…their Chicken Tikka Masala is to die for.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  And, to my surprise, Elliott was a huge fan, too!  We sent this photo to David to make him jealous of where we were!

A rainy day trip to the pet store!

On our way to Nacogdoches for the annual Christmas party!

Posing with Santa at a Chinese buffet.  This was the same day as David’s freaky fortune cookie experience.

It’s a BOY!

My goofy Grandpa at Christmas.  He’s always wanted his grandchildren to call him “GrandSir” and we just laughed at him.  All of his persistence has finally paid off now that Elliott lovingly refers to him as none other than “GrandSir”!

Having lunch at Mickey D’s.  There were no tables in the main dining room so we had no choice but to sit in the noisy, overstimulating play room.  I was afraid that Elliott would want to skip eating and go right to playing.  Who was I kidding?  He sat patiently for 45 minutes eating his lunch.  Every.  Last.  Bite.  His decision, not mine!  I was done in 10 minutes.  When he was done eating he went and played his little heart out!

Trying out his new big boy bedding in the crib!  We sent this picture to Daddy when he was away on a business trip.  We’ve since transitioned Elliott to his big boy bed and he absolutely loves it!  Stay tuned for more details of the change and pictures of his new room!

This T-Rex and a Triceratops frequently accompany us on outings.  I snapped this picture of the T-Rex at Chipotle.  You can’t see it in the picture, but he’s chowing down on a piece of chicken.

This is a picture of a cheeseburger I unwrapped from Whataburger.  Appetizing, isn’t it?  What’s even funnier is that it was wrapped like a piece of peppermint candy.  I wish I had taken a picture of that, too!  Reminds me of my friend, Shanita’s, letter to Whataburger a few weeks ago.  Ha ha!



  1. I love the t-rex.
    As a fan of dinosaurs, particularly carnivorous ones (really, ask any of the high school kids who have ever been in class when I’ve taught Sunday school. There’s always at least one dinosaur on the board and often one worked into the lesson somehow) I applaud Elliott’s efforts to share the dino love with the rest of the world. And the fact that he keeps them well fed is just a side benefit – keeps them from chewing on him. 🙂

  2. Haha…Grandsir! Funny!

    And I adore that he is sharing dinner with his dino. Sweet boy.

  3. Can you believe that place? A burger wrapped like a piece of peppermint! Elliott is so polite to share his chicken with his dino!

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