Posted by: Tricia | March 9, 2010

All Grown Up

This post is late, mostly due to the fact that I wanted to wait until Elliott’s new room was completely finished to post the pictures.  A few months ago we decided to take the plunge and transition him to a big boy bed in anticipation of a new little baby that will be here in a couple of months!

Here he is in his crib getting used to his big boy bedding a few days before the big move!

I don’t have a picture of him before his last sleep in his crib, but I cried.  It came out of no where, and I’m pretty sure David laughed at me, but it was a big deal to me!  Moving my baby out of his crib meant that he is growing up!

Elliott was so super excited about it all!  He got to participate in the entire process by picking out his bedding, going to the furniture store to buy the bed, and he even helped Daddy with the assembly!

What a great team!  All finished and ready for the first big night in the big boy bed!

We kept the same routine with David reading to Elliott before bed just like he does every other night…only this time, they got to sit in the new bed!

I must say that I was nervous about the transition, as any parent would be.  Would he be able to go to sleep? Would he stay in bed?  Would he come out of his room and into ours without warning?  Would he fall out of the bed?

We could not believe how well Elliott transitioned to his new bed!  We did have to go in several times to tell him the “rules” again.  1) Don’t get out of bed and 2) Don’t turn on the lamp.  Once he realized that we weren’t kidding around he went right to sleep and stayed there for the entire night!  In the morning he woke up, his normal chatty self and waited for us to come in the room to get him.

A few weeks later we added some finishing touches to the room.  David and I decided to add the chair rail and paint the room blue and green.  I love it!

I scored this awesome metal truck at Hobby Lobby at 50% off!

And, I found these prints on

I found a blog tutorial online on how to make your own french memo board.  It was so easy!

I bought this desk set in Canton for $10 when I was pregnant with Elliott with the idea that I would eventually repaint it.  Once we decided on the theme and colors of his room I knew a bright red would be the perfect color!  I even gave it a cute red and white striped knob to top it off.  Isn’t it adorable?

Before we started on the room we had plans to purchase a new dresser and bookshelf, but once we got Elliott’s new bed we realized that the antique off-white metal dresser we have been using in his room goes well with it.  Also, it was a lot easier to find a new white dresser for Jude’s room than it was to find a dresser to match Elliott’s dark stained bed.

We’re still planning on buying a new bookshelf for Elliott’s room and we’ll move the white bookshelf into Jude’s nursery.

The finished product…a grown up room for a grown up boy!

Oh, and because I love a good before and after photo comparison, here is the room the way it looked when we first toured the house.



  1. tricia!!…you are so creative!! elliot’s room is awesome!! he’s lucky to have a mommy like you. can’t wait to see jude’s nursery!


  2. Love the new big boy room! That chair rail with the 2 different paint colors makes me want to do the same thing! My husband will NOT thank you for this, ha! Looks great!

  3. That is such a cute room! You did a great job, you should be an interior decorator! I’m so excited that the transition went well. I can’t wait to come see it all in person.

  4. It looks great!! I need you to come help us decorate the nursery 🙂

  5. Tricia Tricia TRICIA!! I am so glad you included the before and after pic because…OH MY GOODNESS!!! you should work for HGTV. You’re amazing…seriously!! I am beyond impressed!!! It looks so PERFECT and pulled together!! BTW – we just moved into our new house (thus the lack in my blogging) and I am so inspired by so many of your decorating ideas!! And I am equally inspired by all the great deals you find and thankful that you blog about them!! can you come over and decorate my house? thanks….i’ll make you and elliott lunch!! (only in my dreams!! – our boys would have the best playdate!) xxoxo

  6. They look fantastic!!!

  7. Hi I found your blog from Stef. I love the bedding you picked, where did you find it?

  8. the bedding is from target 🙂

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