Posted by: Tricia | March 9, 2010


Elliott often asks questions that he knows the answer to.  I’m assuming that all children do this???  Anyway, one day while riding in the car he asked me, “Who is in your belly mommy?”  I answered “Jude….and when you were a baby you were in mommy’s belly, too!”  His response…”Yeah!  And, I was all nekkid!!!”  Silly boy…makes me laugh out loud.  Where does he come up with this stuff?

Elliott didn’t get to see a lot of the olympics, but he surprised me one day when he lifted one leg behind him and said “I’m ice skating, Mommy!”  When I asked him where he saw ice skating he told me that he and Nonnie had watched a little bit.  Then he added, “And they have sharp knives on their skating shoes!”  I haven’t ever thought of it that way, but they sure do look like knives!

“I have a vanilla-y face, Mommy!”

One night after picking Elliott up at his babysitter’s house, David asked him where he wanted to go for dinner.  He quickly responded, “McDonalds!!  Yes, this is going to be a treat for you, Daddy!”

One morning, after having a few dreary days of rain, I commented, “Isn’t it a pretty day?”  Elliott corrected me (a common occurrence these days) …”No.  It’s a handsome day!”  Well, whatever it was….pretty or handsome…it was a beautiful day for sure.

A handsome boy at the zoo on a “handsome” day!

Elliott frequently likes to rummage through our closets and find the perfect pair of mommy or daddy shoes to wear around the house.  (He’s quite adept in high heels if I do say so myself!)  One day he picked out a pair of my tennis shoes, found a baby to put in his tummy, and exclaimed, “I’m a mommy now, Mommy!” I guess it’s true.  Like mother like son.  If being a Mommy were only that easy…



  1. That is awesome! I’m so glad you are documenting all this preciousness. Hope you have been enjoying the “handsome” days this week!

  2. that is so cute. And Nadia constantly asks me questions she knows the answer too. They must be learning something from it like wanting to hear the same book over and over

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