Posted by: Tricia | March 30, 2010

For the Birds

Step 1: Inherit a free bird feeder from Papaw!

Step 2: Don grungy clothes and find an old can of paint in the garage

Step 3:  Paint, paint, and more paint!!!!

Step 4:  Oh dear…clean up the mess!

Step 5:  Fill with goodies for the birds!

Step 6: Ask Daddy to find the perfect place and hang it in the tree.

Step 7: Wait for the birds to come!



  1. That is so fun! We have a whole collection of birds coming now. And I bought the songbird mix and they have turned into little pigs!!!

  2. I’m so incredibly behind! Have you seen many birds? I just bought some bird seed but we’ve not done anything with it yet.

    • Yes! The birds have started to come…lots of them! It took a while for them to come around so I’m not sure if they needed time to “smell” (do birds smell?) the seeds or if our human scent all over the bird feeder needed to dissapate before they came around. The seed we chose specifically said it would attract colorful birds and it has. We’ve seen cardinals, blue jays, and robins but they are all really skiddish and leave if they even see us peering at them out the window. We’ve also had doves visit…lots of them at one time and they are not as scared of us.

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