Posted by: Tricia | May 3, 2010

Brotherly Love

The closer we get to meeting Jude, the more excited David and I get about watching our boys become brothers.  Being an only child, I do not have the same connection to the relationship that David has.  He and his brother were close growing up, but are even closer now that they are adults.  It is definitely a special bond that is like no other, and I am envious of it at times.

Elliott has really started to embrace the fact that Jude will be here soon.  He frequently asks, “Is it time for the baby to come out of your belly now?”  and he loves to talk about what he and Jude will do together…particularly what he will teach him.  As much as he can understand and anticipate, he seems to be excited, and I hope that his excitement won’t die off too soon.  I cannot wait to see these guys being brothers!

The last two nights before bed, Elliott has asked to pray his own prayers.  I wanted to make sure that we wrote them down…

Dear God, thank you for about my brudder. Amen.

Dear God, please help my brudder to walk.  Amen.

God, thank you so much for these two boys!  I pray that they will love each other and love you with all of their hearts!



  1. I love the blog Tricia! I see you have it all the way from when Elliott was born. What a great way to keep all of your memories documented 🙂

  2. I’m so happy you wrote those sweet prayers down! Elliott is going to be such great big brother…hopefully he can be patient with Jude as he works on the walking and talking though!

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