Posted by: Tricia | July 15, 2010

Longing for St. John

I’ve been thinking a lot about St. John lately. A few weeks ago we had a cool day…cool enough to drive with the windows down. If I closed my eyes (at a stoplight of course!), imagined the salty aroma of the sea and some reggae music playing in the background, it was just like I was there again. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

The view from Ram’s Head, St. John

David and I first visited St. John on our honeymoon in 2002.  It was wonderful!  We were so young.  I celebrated my 22nd birthday on the trip.  We did a lot of fun things and for the first time, we were truly alone, on an adventure together.  Although we loved the getaway, we were also anxious to get home to start our life together as a married couple.

On a snorkeling excursion to the Baths of Virgin Gorda

Believe it or not, this is the only picture we have of the two of us on our honeymoon!  St. John is a relatively sparsely populated island and we were too shy to ask people to photograph us!!  We have lots of pictures of each other though.  This was also before we owned a digital camera, so we didn’t take many pictures at all.  On our next trip to St. John we put our camera self timer to good use and got lots of photos of the two of us together!

It wasn’t until we returned to St. John in 2006 that we truly needed a break from reality.  David’s dad passed away in May 2006, and the following day we learned that we miscarried our first baby.  When the dust settled we decided that we needed some time to get away, just the two of us.

At our favorite beach, Salt Pond Bay

One of our favorite places to grab breakfast, The Donkey Diner

Our quaint cottage with a view of Coral Bay (this was a different cottage from the one we stayed at on our honeymoon, but nearby, on the same side of the island)

David relaxing in a hammock on the lower deck of the cottage

Aboard the Wayward Sailor for a sunset cruise for the second time.  Our first was on our honeymoon.

With Captain Phil of the Wayward Sailor

It was a sweet time for us; one that we will both cherish for many years to come.

Looking back through our photos of the trip brings me to tears.  We were broken, but healing.

The rocky shore of Great Lameshur Bay

God was faithful to carry us through the tempestuous storm that was 2006 and we clung to His promises.  I am so thankful for that and I am thankful for the the paradise that is St. John.

View of Coral Bay from our cottage

The view from our cottage porch

Oh, how I am longing to go back soon!  In July 2012 we will celebrate 10 years of marriage, and I am hoping it will be in St. John!



  1. This is so sweet. I didn’t know you then, but I was in that tiny Bible study with Janet and I remember being just heartbroken for you guys. God is so faithful.

    I love all the photos.

  2. I read this post a few weeks ago and again tonight. Made me cry both times. God is so faithful. And i love that you are faithful to tell your story, the painful and the beautiful. Love you guys!

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