Posted by: Tricia | August 2, 2010


Darling boy,

Today you are 3!  I cannot believe that I am a mother of a 3 year-old.  Three seems so old….before we know it you will be starting kindergarten, high school even, learning to drive a car!  Yikes!

You are quite the character these days.  You are still a talker.  You talk constantly!  Sometimes I have to ask you to be quiet for just a few moments so that I can gather my thoughts.  You love words and letters.  You love to rhyme and play around with sounds.  And, you love to make up words.  This can get you into some trouble because you’ve made up a few words, through rhyming, that are not really made up words.  In fact, they are naughty words, but you don’t know that.  We’ve had to ask you not to say some of your “made up” words anymore.

You love dinosaurs!!  You know all of their names and what they eat.  You love to pretend that you are a dinosaur, usually a velociraptor or a T-rex, and chase us around the house.  We’ve had to ask you, on more than one occasion, not to roar at strangers, like the checker at Target, and little girls.  They don’t like that.

In fact, pretending is probably your favorite thing to do right now.  You love to pretend with your stuffed animals.  Sometimes you serve them tea, sometimes you pretend that you are all on a boat (your bed) that is sinking, sometimes you read to them.  You love to pretend that you are a pirate or a fireman, too.  The shopping cart at the grocery store is often a fire truck when you’re in it.  You’ve got quite the imagination!

Some of your favorite toys right now are your dinosaurs (of course), blocks,  and your kitchen & tea set (don’t worry folks, it’s not pink!)  You received an IKEA kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa Dave for your birthday and you have not stopped playing with it since!  Today you were making and serving dinosaur cookies and dinosaur stew by putting your toy dinosaurs in the cups and bowls.  I suppose that’s how boys play with kitchens.  A girl would never come up with such a delicacy!  We build castles and schools and vets and many, many more things with your wooden blocks.  It is one of Daddy’s favorite things to do with you.   You also love to color!  Mommy is so happy about this because it’s something we can do together without sitting on the floor!  It gives my back a rest…let’s face it, I’m 30 now, and the floor is not as comfortable as it used to be! Most nights while I’m making dinner you like to sit at the table and color or work on your preschool books.  It’s a really sweet time for us to talk about the things that you are learning.

You know all of your letters and can write some of them.  E, L, I, O, T, H, F, and X to be exact.  You can write your name.  You can also say most of the sounds that the letters make.  Put all of it together, and pretty soon, you’ll be reading, baby boy!  My, how your world will change when you can read!  Books are still one of your most favorite things!  Any time of the day if I ask you if you’d like to read a book with me you will stop whatever you’re doing and pick one out.  We still read to you before naps and at bedtime.  Daddy reads to you every night before bed.  It is a special time for both of you.  We’ve had to limit you to 3 books (because you’re 3!) or you will never go to bed!  When you are 4 we’ll up it to 4!  We own quite a few of your favorites, but we usually have 10 or 15 books checked out of the library.

You recognize all of your numbers 1-9, but once we get to 10 you’re not quite sure if it’s a 10 or a 1 and a zero.  We haven’t begun working on writing numbers yet. You can count to 16, but after 12 you start counting by twos, leaving out the 13 and 15….interesting.

You have definitely been a challenge for your Daddy and me this last year!  At about 2 1/2 you entered the “terrible twos” and we had to start getting really serious about disciplining you.  Like all kids, you know so well how to push the limits.  At times it seemed like nothing was getting through to you, but in the last few weeks we have finally turned the corner and you seem to be much more eager to please us.

One of the things that we are working hard to teach you right now is to love your friends.  You have so many of them!  And, they all seem to really love you.  They get so excited when they see you and call out your name.  You, however, tend to recluse when bombarded by their greetings.  You like to play by yourself or talk to the grown-ups, but you’re a bit stand-offish with the other kiddos…at least when we’re around.  We’ve been talking a lot about it, and we’ve tried to prepare you before visits with friends.  We talk about the things we like about each friend and we pray for our friends.  We’ve seen some progress lately in this area, and you’ve had several really good experiences playing with friends.  Hopefully, we’ve turned a corner, and we will start to see you developing some sweet relationships that will carry on for a long time.

You are completely potty trained!  Waiting until you were nearly 3 was the right thing to do for you because you took to it really well.  You had very few accidents while learning.  In the beginning we were reminding you and asking you to potty a lot, but once you figured out your body’s warning signs you started telling us that you need to go.  A lot of times you’ll take yourself into the bathroom and we won’t even know you’ve done anything until you call us to come help you put your shorts back on.  We’re still working on teaching you to do that by yourself.  You started out using the potty chair, and then you started using the big potty to tee tee.  But, not for poops.  You were scared, but after convincing you that the poops really wanted to go down into the pipes under our house where they are always having a poop party by the poop pool and wearing poop party hats (but not all of them wear hats according to you), you were all for it!

You are a great big brother.  You adore Jude and you are constantly asking if you can hold him.  You love to give him kisses….big, wet, slobbery kisses.  Sometimes I have to ask you to stop kissing his head so that he doesn’t need a bath afterward!  We are trying to teach you to stand back when you talk to him because you like to get right in his face where he can’t focus on you.  It’s also difficult for you to stand still long enough for him to focus on you.  Let’s face it…you’re only 3 and you’re constantly moving!  Still or not, he loves to hear the sound of your voice and he tries his best to keep up with you.  We keep telling you that it won’t be long and Jude will be laughing at you and wanting to play with your toys!  You have been a big brother for almost 3 months now and you have only uttered one jealous statement about him.  We left the two of you at Nonnie’s house so that we could enjoy a grown-up date one afternoon.  Apparently a fussy Jude was taking more of Nonnie’s attention than you wanted to share so you said to her, very seriously, that next time you wouldn’t bring Jude with you to her house.

You are a very sweet boy.  Most days you tell me that I am a good mommy and Daddy that he is a good daddy without any prompting.  You love to give hugs and kisses and you frequently tell us that you love us.  You also tell us when you’re having fun.  You’ll say things like , “I am having so much fun eating dinner with you, Mommy!”  On the other hand, if you’re not enjoying yourself you let us know that, too.  For instance, when you’re in time out you might say, “I’m sad because I’m not having fun in time out.”  I love that you express your feelings so well.

I could go on and on about the way you are at 3.  Simply put, you are amazing, Elliott.  Your Dad and I love you so much it hurts.  We are so excited to spend this next year with you, watching you change and grow before our very eyes.  Happy birthday, sweetie.



  1. I love these letters! You’re such a fun and creative Mom. I have to tell you that our girls have been making dinosaur cakes and stews in just the same way in their kitchen for years! So, I guess it’s not a gender thing so much as an errant Welch gene thing. 😉

  2. What a sweet boy! Love the letter.

  3. You will be so glad you recorded what Elliott was doing at this age. I guessed about David when asked for it by educators. I don’t guess I messed him up too much.

  4. What a great letter!!

  5. So perfect. Your love for your sweet boy is so beautiful. And I can’t get over the “poop party” at the “poop pool”! That is a riot!! Hmm…maybe B will go for that as well. He still prefers the little potty for his big jobs.

  6. […] I mentioned in this post, it was a big ordeal trying to get Elliott to poop in the big potty.  Common to a lot of potty […]

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