Posted by: Tricia | September 1, 2010

An “extra”ordinary Monday!

Perhaps it’s due to me being an only child, but I think everyone should be made to feel special on their birthday. Whether it’s your 1st or 101st, birthdays are supposed to be about YOU! Unlike his first and second birthdays, this year Elliott’s birthday fell on an ordinary Monday.

I really didn’t want the day to slip by without it feeling special. But, with a few simple touches I think we were able to bring a little magic to Elliott’s day!

The day before Elliott helped me make cupcakes for his friends that we invited over for a play date.

That night I put up a few decorations.

One of David’s fondest memories of childhood were his birthday streamers. Every year, on the morning of his birthday, he would awaken, open his door, and walk through the colorful streamers that magically appeared during the night! We decided to continue the tradition with Elliott starting this year because now he is in his big boy bed. We chose to put the streamers in the hallway door since he occasionally still wakes up in the middle of the night and comes out of his room.

In the morning we had birthday waffles and sang the birthday song before opening presents.

I guess you could say that Jude was a bit of a party pooper!

Later that morning the friends came over! They played and played and played!

The birthday song was sung again! And, then we devoured those yummy chocolate cupcakes!

That evening Elliott chose the restaurant and Nonnie joined us! He had been talking about McDonald’s all day, but when he saw the menu, he picked Red Lobster. It was delicious!

On our way home the clock struck 7:43 pm, the time of Elliott’s birth.  So, keeping with tradition, we sang the Happy Birthday song…again!

Back at the house Elliott opened Nonnie’s gifts. She always wins the award for most creative wrapping job!

He got to stay up extra late to play with his new toys.  And, in the morning he declared that it was time to take down the birthday streamers because it wasn’t his birthday anymore!

We had a blast celebrating Elliott on his birthday, and I am happy to say that it was definitely an extraordinary Monday!  Here’s a video recap of the day he turned THREE!



  1. super cute and super fun

  2. What a fun day! Those cupcakes are making my mouth water! Yum.

    I adore the streamers idea and will be figuring out a way to steal it. B is usually our alarm clock in the morning, so maybe we’d just have to be tough and get up before him on that special day.

  3. […] with tradition, I hung birthday streamers in the hallway the night before his actual birthday.  He didn’t […]

  4. […] next day, he woke up a 4 year old!  He was greeted by our traditional birthday streamers in the hall doorway, followed by a trip to the donut shop with […]

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