Posted by: Tricia | September 4, 2010

Dinosaurs are Dino-mite!

Many months ago Elliott told me that he wanted to have a dinosaur party for his birthday and I agreed that it was a great idea!  I had so much fun planning it, and I think our little dinosaur had a blast celebrating turning THREE!

I was able to get the perfect picture of Elliott for the invites even though he gave me about 30 seconds to do so!  What can I say?  The boy hates having his picture taken!

Decor for the party was easy!  We already own a gazillion dinosaurs so I set a few of these guys out around the house.

Stealing the idea from Stacey, I hung these simple scrapbook paper number threes and dinosaurs from the chandeliers with fishing line.

Elliott had his hand in the decorating, too!  Didn’t he do such a great job coloring these dinosaurs?  During the party he gave everyone a lesson in dinosaur names.  As it turns out, most of his friends don’t spend any time talking about them.  Say what?  I cannot imagine a house with no dinosaur talk.  We practically live, eat, and breathe dinosaurs around here!

At the last minute I was able to make these dino-crossing signs.  I think they turned out so cute and really added to the magic of the party!  My master plan also included painted dinosaur footprints trailing up the sidewalk, but an unpredictable morning rain shower ruined that idea!  We tried to paint a few on the landing, but I don’t think they were noticed.

Each kid had their own bag with their name on it that served as their dino egg hunt basket, and their favor bag.

The hunt was a big hit and all 72 hidden eggs were found!

The lunch menu included “dino-dogs” (hot dogs), “long-necked” cheese sticks, PB & Jellysauruses, chips & salsa, and baby dino fruit!  Grandpa Dave constructed this precious masterpiece and almost all of the fruit was devoured before the party was over!

After lunch the kids painted their own clothes-pin stegosauruses!

We saved the best for last….CAKE!

And, as always, my mom did an incredible job making it!

All of the kids are old enough now that they know the Happy Birthday song.  It was so cute to hear them singing it.

Our littlest Jude-a-saurus slept through the entire party!  Although I missed seeing him, it sure was nice to have my hands free!

It was such a fun party and I’m sure that Elliott will be talking about it for many years to come!



  1. We LOVED the party. And you know Nadia noticed those foot prints the second we got there. She anazlyed all the decorations and talked about it a lot!

  2. It was a FABULOUS party! Thanks for having us! You are so cute and creative. And Elliott has a LOT of adorable friends!

    We noticed the dino prints too…so your work was not in vain. And B has had an greatly increased interest in dinosaurs since Elliott’s party. In fact, we just got three dino books from the library last week. I think we need E to come over and do some lessons for us…

  3. […] loves firemen!  They are up there at the top of his list, along with pirates and dinosaurs.  So when I saw this lapbook on Jolanthe’s blog, I just knew I needed to start working on a […]

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