Posted by: Tricia | September 9, 2010

Happy 4 Months, Jude!

Jude is 4 months old today! I think we fall more in love with this little guy every day. He has such a sweet spirit and his smile can light up a room. Jude has really begun to show a lot more interest in what Elliott is doing this month. He moves his head back and forth across the room trying to keep up with his turbo-charged older brother! He thinks he’s pretty funny, too! He is doing a lot of cooing these days, but no one can get him talking more than his daddy. It’s really sweet to watch the two of them interacting.

One thing Jude despises for sure is tummy time! I have been a terrible mother and haven’t pushed it with him. And, it shows. His poor little head is flat. To my defense, he spends almost all of his waking hours with his head off the ground, but it just doesn’t seem to be helping. This week I discovered that he likes tummy time better if he does it on the changing table. He seems to have a better view from up there and he’s starting to lift his head a bit higher each time.

A few weeks ago we gave Jude his last dose of Zantac! I was so nervous to see how he would respond to not having it, but he has passed with flying colors! We have noticed an increase in spits, but he seems completely comfortable, with no other signs of reflux. Hooray!!!

At 4 months Jude is consistently napping 4 times a day for 45 minutes to 2 hours. He nurses every 2-3 hours and stays awake to play no longer than 1 1/2 hours. He’s a chunk! We had the opportunity to weigh him earlier this week and discovered that he’s up to 16 lbs 8 oz! That puts him right where he’s been on the growth chart in the 75th percentile. At night he sleeps anywhere from 5-8 hours at a time. From 6 weeks on he had no problem going to bed, but for about a week now bedtime has become our biggest challenge. At nap time Jude rarely fusses, but come bedtime he is a wreck! He cries and cries and cries and we cannot figure out what to do with him! We’ve tried everything in the book, but just can’t seem to figure out why bed time is such a sad time for him. Most nights we give up on letting him “cry it out” and he spends the better part of the evening content to sit in bed with David and me. His 4 month check up is on Monday and I am praying that the doctor can give us some words of wisdom. How nice it would be to have both kids in bed at a reasonable time again!

Despite his bad behavior at bedtime we just can’t get enough of sweet Jude! I am finding myself savoring all of his “baby-ness” because I know how quickly this time passes.

Thank you, God, for trusting us with this precious life in Jude. He is a miracle for sure and we love him so! Please grant us wisdom to help him grow to love you and honor you with his life.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a sweet video of the boys interacting. It’s hot off the press, recorded today!


  1. Oh, that giggle melts my heart! What a sweet, chubby cheeked cutie pie. Happy four months, Jude!

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