Posted by: Tricia | September 12, 2010


I am not kidding when I say that Elliott literally does not stop talking.  Ever.  Except when he’s asleep.  He wakes up talking and goes to bed talking.  It’s exhausting, but it’s also a lot of fun.  He keeps us laughing.  His little mind is always working, trying to figure this world out.  I keep telling myself that I have got to be better about writing these things down because these days will be gone before we know it.  Before we know it he’ll be grown, and I’ll be wishing he would talk “crazy” to me all day!


As fall draws nearer, Elliott is getting to experience more and more evenings where the sun goes down and the moon comes out before he goes to bed.  Recently we were driving home from our church small group after dark and he had a lot of questions about the moon.

E: Why is the moon moving?

Me:  It’s not moving.  We are.

E: Why is the moon getting in all those trees?

David:  It’s not getting in the trees.  The trees are just blocking your view of the moon.  The moon is way high up in the sky…very far away.

E: I think we should fly up there to the moon and get it and take it home as a pet.

Me:  The moon isn’t alive.  How can it be a pet?

E:  We can pretend it’s a person


While brushing his teeth with David…

E: Astronauts were alive before dinosaurs, right?

David:  No…

E:  Were they alive before people?


Lately Elliott has been talking about “when he grows up and is a big daddy”.  I love how passionate he is about wanting to be a daddy.  It shows just how much he loves the relationship that he and David have.

E: When I grow up I’m gonna be a daddy and you can be my wife.

Me:  Oh, Elliott, that’s very sweet, but I can’t be your wife.  What about Daddy?  Wouldn’t he be lonely without me?

E:  Yeah.  Ok, you can be both of our wife.

Me:  Oh.  I see.  You’re going to live here forever with Daddy and me?

E:  Yeah.

Me:  Ok.  I’m sure you’ll change your mind at some point and you’ll probably want to get your own wife.

E:  Yeah.  And, we’ll live here.  But, we’re going to need your bed cuz my bed will be too small.

Same topic, different occasion:

E: When I grow up and you’re my wife….

Me:  But, Elliott, remember I can’t be your wife.

David:  Yeah, Elliott.  I bet you’ll change your mind about that one day, and you’ll want to get your own wife…one more your age.  What about Clarity or Nadia or Taylor or Reagan?

E:  Um…ok…Reagan.

Same topic, yet another occasion:

E: Mommy, when I grow up and I’m a big daddy I will go to work and my wife will stay home and play with my kids.  And, I will make all the dinners.

Me:  Oh, really?  You’re going to cook?  What about your wife?  Will she cook anything?

E:  Yeah.  She’ll cook the lunches and I’ll cook the dinners.

Me:  That sounds like a nice plan, Elliott.  I’m sure your wife will really appreciate all of your help.

E:  Uh huh.  And, Jude will have a wife and kids, too.

Me:  Oh.  I hope so.  Will you and your wife and kids come and visit Daddy and me when you’re all grown up?

E:  Yeah.  And, Jude will, too.

Me:  Oh, I sure hope so.  That will make me very happy!

E:  And, we’ll all go on a safari and wear safari hats.  You can paint the safari truck.

And, the discussion goes on and on:

E:  When I grow up and I’m a big daddy like you, Daddy, me and my wife will live here with you and Mommy.

David:  No, you’ll move out and have your own house with your own wife.

E:  I just don’t quite understand.


  1. I love these! Just too precious!

  2. Haha…”I just don’t quite understand”. That’s awesome!

    Sweet boy. Keep writing those Elliottisms down for us. And for you.

  3. That is too cute!

  4. That is just too cute!!! Such a fun look into the mind of a child…

  5. HA HA!! Nadia has been talking a lot about how she can’t get married like Mommy and Daddy until she is an adult. These kids crack me up.

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