Posted by: Tricia | September 15, 2010

V is for vehicle, vegetables, vest, & victory!

Elliott absolutely LOVES letters! He catches on to all things “letters” so quickly. He’s constantly asking us, “what does (fill in the blank) start with?” We usually return his question with a question, “what do you think?”, and he’s usually right. There are just a few of the letters he has trouble with the phonetics. He can recognize all of his letters and can write a few. My goal for this year is to teach him to write all of his letters and to work on memorizing all of the letter sounds. Who knows? Maybe he’ll start being able to sound out words in books soon, too!

As I mentioned before, Elliott already knows how to write a handful of letters.  As for the rest, I thought it would be fun to have a “letter of the day” day once a week.  When I asked Elliott what letter he wanted to learn first, he quickly shouted out “V!”  I gathered ideas from other blogs and websites and we got to work!

We started out by talking about the sound that a ‘V’ makes.  Then, we worked on writing some V’s and did a few worksheets.

After that, he hunted for V’s!

During his alone play time in his room he called out for me to come see “what he did”.  When I got there, he was so excited to show me the ‘V’ he made with his trains!

I had to include this picture of Jude making his own upside down ‘V’ with his arms 🙂  Such a smartie!

‘V’ is for vehicle!  Later on in the day, Elliott made a giant ‘V’ with all of his vehicles.

For his ‘V’ lunch he enjoyed Velveeta cheese, pretzel V’s, strawberry V’s, a PB&J ‘V’, and vanilla pudding!

Elliott is boycotting vegetables these days, otherwise I would have included some of those on his lunch tray!  I figured the next best thing would be to go shopping for them, because after all, ‘V’ is for vegetables!

The happy customer with his purchases!

Before his nap we read this book.  It turned out to be a good one, and I learned a lot, too!

Side note:  A few days later we took a trip to Central Market, and Elliott was super interested in all of the vegetables.  He recognized a few from the book and wanted me to tell him about everything he saw there!  On the weekend, he had a sleep over at Nonnie’s house, and in the morning they took a walk to her neighborhood garden where he learned even more about vegetables!  One of the gardeners gave him a cucumber to take home and he actually tried…and liked it (gasp!).  I think we will definitely have to consider growing our own garden…perhaps it will turn our little veggie hater into a veggie lover!

After nap Elliott got to work and made his very own vest!

He was so proud!

And, finally, while I was making dinner, he colored a few ‘V’s’.

We would have watched one of his favorite Word World episodes, V is for Vacation, if he hadn’t lost his tv watching privileges earlier in the week.  I did, however, find these short video clips all about the letter ‘V’.

This one made me feel a little neurotic, but it got the point across!

And, you can’t go wrong with a little Vintage Sesame Street!

Other things on the agenda that we didn’t have time to squeeze in were a trip to the Valero gas station for some vanilla wafers and vacuuming!

I was so excited about how well our ‘V’ day turned out and Elliott absolutely loved it!  He has not stopped talking about it since, and every day he asks me when it’s going to be a letter day again.  I guess you could say, ” ‘V’ is for victory!”

Next up, ‘W’ day!



  1. Tricia! You freaking rock! That was adorable from start to finish.

    What a fun, fun day for you and E. I am so going to have to start doing some letter days. I am always looking for good ideas to steal and this is one for sure!

    B is also suddenly very interested in letters…he’s constantly asking me how things are spelled. But he doesn’t get the phonics quite yet. He’ll ask “what starts with B” and after I give a few examples he’ll say something like “buh, buh, KIDS!”.

    Oh well.

  2. Okay that is cute! You are homeschooling girl! Be proud 🙂

    I love that you even made lunch V things.

    Nadia told me a couple of weeks ago that the only letters she needed to write were O, H and T. And I told her that none were even in her name. So now she is writing her name. HA HA!! Silly girl.

  3. […] a day has passed since V day that Elliott has not asked me, “Is it a letter day?  When is it going to be anudder letter […]

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