Posted by: Tricia | September 30, 2010

W is for watermelon, wolf, white, & water balloon!

Not a day has passed since V day that Elliott has not asked me, “Is it a letter day?  When is it going to be anudder letter day?”  I love that he enjoys this so much…I just hope I can keep up with him!  Usually we talk about our plans for the next day when he is going to bed, but I decided to make W day a surprise.  He was, of course, beside himself when he woke up that morning and I declared it to be a letter day!  You would have thought it was Christmas morning!

W is for Wall-E.  Once Elliott was dressed in his W day Wall-E t-shirt he spent some time playing with a Wall-E magnet set that Grandma got for him…

…while I washed the dishes.  Just because it’s a letter day doesn’t mean the chores don’t get done!

Then he worked on learning to write a W.

That’s it!  Down, up, down, up…now stop!  Sometimes he gets a little overzealous and ends up with a double W 🙂

Once he’d had enough practice at writing W’s we moved on to a craft.

W is for WOLF!  I was so impressed with how colorful he chose to make his wolf puppet.  He worked for a really long time on this!

He asked me how to spell wolf and I realized that he already knew how to write all of the letters in the word.  Great job, E!

After he finished his wolf puppet we watched Word World, W drought. (My personal favorite Word World episode!)  By the way, if y’all haven’t checked this show out on PBS, you need to!  Elliott has learned so much about letters from watching it.

For lunch he had W string cheese, Frosted Mini Wheats, watermelon, and a waffle! Mmmm, mmmm!

While Elliott was finishing up his W lunch I gathered a few things from around the house, including some that begin with the letter W, and threw them into a basket.  Then I told him to search the basket and put all of the things that start with W into his wagon.

W is for water bottle, Wizard of Oz, wash cloth, whistle, Word World cards, walrus, wheels, and whale!

He loved this game so much that I asked him to go around the house and collect as many white things that he could find.  He was so excited to show me all of his white finds when he was done!

After nap we went on a walk!  Ok, I walked and he rode, but you get the point.

And, we watched a few short videos about the letter W.

This one made me laugh!

Elliott also helped me with the wash!  I know it’s a stretch, but as I said before, the chores had to be done!

We saved the best for last!  Once daddy got home from work we had a water balloon fight! (The water balloon is that tiny black speck in the trees…it took me a while to find it, too)

This post would not be complete without a sweet picture of Mr. Man hanging out on W day!  Did you know that W is for winsome?  Well, it is…and he is definitely winsome, wouldn’t you agree?

W day was a hit!  In fact, it took a few days for Elliott to stop asking me, “Is it still W day?”.  Coming up next: C day!



  1. You are such a great mom/teacher! I may steal this idea when my boys get older. Also, I was impressed by how you still got your chores done. I am working on how to fit that in my schedule with the twins.. my house is definitely suffering!

  2. Too fun!!!!

  3. You kill me, girl…so fun and creative! Awesome “W” day!! (Or I guess I should say WONDERFUL!)

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