Posted by: Tricia | October 4, 2010

Walk, walk, walk

We fall more and more in love with baby Jude every day! He has such a sweet disposition; laid-back, easy-going, and so happy.  He doesn’t ask for much and is content to just be amongst the action.  A friend of mine loaned us a Johnny Jump Up and I am so thankful that she did because it is Jude’s favorite place to hang out.  Recently he figured out how to “walk” while he’s in it.  Here’s a video of him practicing his new trick…oh, and please excuse the ridiculously annoying mommy talk in the background 😉



  1. Ohmygosh he is SO stinking cute with that great smile and giggle! I love his chubby cheeks and rolly-polly thighs. I wanna squeeze him!

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