Posted by: Tricia | October 5, 2010

Fall Freebies

Now that we are a one-income household we are definitely all about taking advantage of freebies, especially when they involve some free food, and fun for the whole family!

A few weekends ago we drove to Hurst for a fire station open house.  It was raining cats and dogs, but we didn’t care!  Elliott had the perfect outfit to wear for the event!

He attracted a lot of attention from all of the firemen,  but he acted quite shy while we were there.  He was most interested in the firetruck bounce house parked outside in the pouring rain.  He wouldn’t consider looking at anything else until we paid it a visit.  He got in and manged to soak his britches, but I didn’t dare pull out our camera in the rain for a picture of it!

This robot thing was cool.  It grabbed a little girl’s popcorn bag right out of her hand.  I didn’t hear them say what it’s actually used for…anybody out there know?

Elliott got on the ambulance to watch the paramedics working on a practice patient.  He associates the word “practice” with not knowing how to do something well so when I told him they were “just practicing” on the mannequin he said, “oh, they don’t know what they’re doing?”  The paramedics thought it was funny.

I told him this was to be the only time he ever rode in an ambulance!

Free popcorn!

Jude had a good time flirting with the ladies!

The highlight of the trip for Elliott was definitely getting to sit in the driver’s seat of the fire truck!

One of the firemen asked Elliott what he wants to be when he grows up.  He answered his usual, “A fireman and a daddy.”  The fireman smiled and said that he is a fireman and a daddy, too.  Awww…so sweet.  I can’t say that I am crazy about Elliott wanting to grow up to be a fireman, but a daddy; now that’s something to look forward to!  Plus, something tells me that he might change his mind a few times before really figuring out what he wants to be!


Last weekend we took advantage of another fall freebie and headed over to Calloway’s nursery for their annual Fall Harvest Festival.  The event included a bounce house, balloons, sidewalk chalk, pumpkin decorating, picture taking spots, popcorn and a mad scientist show!  And, it was all FREE!

I was not at all prepared for the amount of pumpkins at Calloway’s!  I had no idea there were so many different types of pumpkins either.  We saw Cinderella Pumpkins, pie pumpkins, Jack-o-lantern pumpkins, jumbo pumpkins, fairy tale pumpkins and many more whose names I’ve forgotten!

Jude wasn’t impressed with any of them.

Hooray for freebies!



  1. Fun! Where do you find all these freebies?

  2. Good times! Free is the best! Love the pictures of Elliott in his firefighter gear.

    We did the Calloways Fall Festival too! My kids were not at all interested in having their pictures taken so we’ll have to try again for pumpkin pics. Next time I’ll be prepared with bribes.

  3. p.s. You are so pretty, Tricia!

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