Posted by: Tricia | October 15, 2010


David and I rarely watch live television.  We are big fans of Hulu and watch all of our shows on our laptop after the kids are in bed.  The only downside to Hulu is the handful of repetitive advertisements that we have to endure.   However, we both get totally excited when this commercial comes on!  I will never grow tired of it and it always makes me grin from ear to ear!  It is the perfect pick-me-up.   I just wanna tickle his fat little belly! Don’t you?


  1. I agree that this cracks me up when I see it.

  2. YES! We’re also hulu fans, and this commercial is the BEST! It’s so creative: I’ve never thought of the Wee wee wee being exactly like that before.

  3. You are the second blog on my reader TODAY that did a post about how funny this commercial is. Isn’t that funny. Check out
    I agree that little piggy is precious.

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