Posted by: Tricia | October 19, 2010

The Punkin’ Patch

This past Saturday we spent the day at the Flower Mound pumpkin patch.  It was our fourth year in a row to visit a pumpkin patch, our third visit to this particular pumpkin patch, and our first visit as a family of four!  We had so. much. fun!  Elliott was in a particularly agreeable mood and was totally into everything that they had to offer.  He went through a maze, climbed aboard all of the pretend tractors and trucks, bounced in the bounce houses, took a hayride, rode the tractor train, and posed happily for the camera.  He even braved the giant bouncy slide that he’s been afraid of in the past.  “What was the best part?”, you ask.  We didn’t spend a single cent!  Admission to the patch is free.  We packed and ate a picnic lunch.  And, all of the rides and activities are free.  The only thing they charge for is food and pumpkins; neither of which we needed!

I was so excited to dress the boys in their first ever matching shirts and snap a few photos of them together before they needed to shed a layer of clothing.  It’s fall, y’all, but the weather is definitely warmish here in Texas!

Before we went Elliott asked if there would be a tractor for him to ride.  This one was new to us; different from this one, and this one.   And, it was just the right size for a 3 year-old!

One of Elliott’s favorite things to do at the patch is pretend that he is in jail.  Here he is last year doing the same thing!

Here is Elliott carrying his “punkin” of choice; much more manageable than the one he picked out in 2008!

Jude spent a lot of time catching some zzz’s while we were there.  Sweet boy.

This pumpkin house is always a favorite!

And, it’s not the first picture Elliott has taken beside it!  Here he is with David on our first trip to the pumpkin patch when he was just 2 months old.

This cute photo op wasn’t there 3 years ago for Elliott’s first trip to the patch.  Jude was more than happy to pose for the camera here!

Afterward, I asked Elliott what his favorite thing at the pumpkin patch was and he said “the train ride with you, Mommy.”  Awww…sweet boy.  It was really fun!

Warm weather, crowds, long drive…no problem!  I am so glad that we went and will treasure these sweet memories with family forever.



  1. I love this!!! So fun. We went with Daddy for the first time today.

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