Posted by: Tricia | October 21, 2010

Let’s go fly a kite!

Elliott received a kite for his birthday and hardly a day has passed since then that he hasn’t asked me, “Is it a good day to go fly a kite?” Any time there is even the slightest mention of a breeze he gets excited about the prospect of getting to test out his kite.  A few Sundays ago we decided that it was, in fact, a good day to fly a kite!  We took a picnic dinner out to a park up on a hill, hoping to encounter enough wind for our anxious little kite-flier.  Well, we didn’t have much wind, but that didn’t stop us from getting this baby airborne!

After watching Daddy give it a go Elliott was more than ready for his turn.

Our method was a little more tiresome than the story book images we’ve seen of kite fliers standing effortlessly, kite flying majestically overhead.  No.  We had to work to get our kite into the air!  Elliott didn’t mind though.  He was amazing!  It was so much fun to watch his little legs running as fast as he could, kite trailing behind.

We all had a turn…even Nonnie!

And, despite our unconventional methods, we left with a very happy little kite flier!


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