Posted by: Tricia | October 23, 2010

Under Construction – Week 2


This week there isn’t much to report. Our weekly visit with the therapist at Cranial Tech went well. She didn’t shave down as much of the foam this time because there was still a significant gap between Jude’s head and the band.

Each week it gets harder and harder to pose Jude for the before & after pictures! He is always moving and he wants to keep his eyes on his mama! I’m doing my best, but it is so hard to be consistent with the angles, etc.  David and I both agree that this week the changes in the shape of Jude’s head aren’t as drastic, but check out how much his hair has grown!



  1. Tricia,
    Two things. The “scrumptious” picture of Jude is the cutest thing EVER. Also, I love the progress pics of his head. I can tell such a difference already. It is amazing. Hope you are super encouraged by that. You are doing such a great job and I know all the trips to Dallas and exercises and extra care involved with the band are lots of work, but keep it up girl!

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