Posted by: Tricia | November 3, 2010

C is for Cave, Cereal, Cupcake, & Caterpillar!

I chose to do C day because it was the only letter remaining in Elliott’s first and last name that he did not know how to write.  I went back and forth about whether or not to include all of the sounds that the letter C makes; the hard C, soft C, and Ch.  I decided to cover them all and it proved to be a bit confusing for Elliott.  That being said, I think I will save the rest of the letters with more than one sound for later!

As always, Elliott was thrilled to wake up and discover that it was a letter day!  David always spends the morning with Elliott.  They have breakfast and talk while I have a few moments to myself to get ready for the day.  The night before David told me he wanted to plan something special for C day so he decided to build a CEREAL CAVE.  He laid out the CHOICES and made up a sign that said





Elliott was so excited to get to eat breakfast in a CAVE, and I thought it was so sweet of David to take the initiative and be a part of C day!

After breakfast I laid out an assortment of clippings from magazines and asked Elliott to find the ones that begin with the letter C and glue them on his paper.  He needed a little help with this because of the many sounds that C makes!  But, afterward, he was really proud of his work and it was cute to see him point out each “C” picture to David when he came home.

We practiced writing C’s which proved to be a difficult letter for E to master.  He didn’t have much patience for it.

C is for CUPCAKE!  We whipped up a batch of these yummy CHERRY CHIP CUPCAKES with CHERRY icing…

…added a little CONFETTI

…and the letter C…

…and took a batch over to our neighbor, CELESTE!

While we were there we had a CHAT and saw her CUTIE, Basil.  We thought it was so COOL that he had a CAVE, too!

While I made lunch Elliott hunted for C’s on these recyclables and put a gold star on every one he found.

I didn’t plan well for the C lunch, but I made do with what we had!  C is for CHEESE, COOKIES, and CHOCOLATE milk!  And, Elliott always gets excited when I let him CUT his own fruit with this Safe Cutter Knife from Pampered Chef that his Nonnie gave him.

After nap Elliott snacked on this CUTE CATERPILLAR and a CRAZY CHEESE man!

Then he made his own CATERPILLAR.  This activity kept him entertained for a long time.  He was very CAREFUL to paint every CRACK and CREVICE of his CATERPILLAR!

CUTE, isn’t he?

We ended the day with a C CHASE!  This was my idea, and as it turned out, it worked out much better in my head.  I gave Elliott and David each their own stack of post-it notes with the letter C drawn on each sheet.  They were supposed to CHASE each other around the yard and stick each other with their post-it notes.  The CHASE went well, but the post-it notes wouldn’t stay put and went flying when they ran.  Oh well.  It sounded good in theory.

And, that CONCLUDES C day!  Coming up next, D day!



  1. So CREATIVE….so COOL!!! Nice job!

  2. Tricia – you are seriously awesome!! And I love the painting the catepillar idea for little miss. She would be very intent on all those crevices too.

  3. Again, what fun! You rock. I mean really, what else can I say? This momma is put to shame.

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