Posted by: Tricia | November 4, 2010

Under Construction – Weeks 3 & 4

Things have been very busy around the Welch house the last couple of weeks so we are combining weeks 3 and 4 updating the progress with Jude’s head.

Week 3: The therapist shaved down quite a bit of foam on the left back side of the helmet.  She also said that it looks like we’ve got about 4-5 weeks of foam left.  We’re excited about the prospect of being done by December!

Week 4: We all, including the therapist, were really impressed with how much Jude’s head grew this week!  The majority of the gap between his head and the helmet filled in.  The therapist put the helmet on his head mold (you can see a picture of one at the bottom of this page) for the first time.  It was really neat to see how much his head shape has changed.  She commented on how much less pointed his head is in the back, and was also excited to see that his ears are a lot more symmetrical than when we started.

Jude still doesn’t really seem to mind the band.  We’ve changed the stickers out several times and he always gets lots of compliments on them.  I have been really surprised that more people haven’t asked me what the helmet is for.  While we were out doing some shopping last week a gentleman commented, “That’s some fancy headgear!  Did he have an operation?”.  He was a nice man, genuinely wondering what in the world the band was.  I was excited to run into another mom with her DOC banded baby in Target the other day.  Other than the clinic, I hadn’t seen anyone else out in public with one on.

Every week the change in Jude’s head shape is visible.  The pictures really don’t do it justice, as his position varies from week to week.  We are doing the best we can to show the changes, but realize that they aren’t perfect.  Nonetheless, this week we can really see a difference in the profile pictures.  There is a lot more definition between the base of his skull and his neck.  It’s amazing to look at the before pictures and compare them with the way he looks now.



  1. this is great!

  2. Amazing! He’s getting even cuter.

    Thanks for coming to see me last Saturday.

  3. Impressive! Y’all have been so good to take those same pics every week. How cool to see the change over time.

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