Posted by: Tricia | November 5, 2010


Elliott loves pirates. I’m not sure how it came about. Perhaps he saw something on a TV show or read about them in a book. Perhaps it was the hat and sword he scored for completing his potty training. Or, maybe it was the awesome pirate ship that he received from the Masons for his birthday. Whatever the reason….he loves pirates. A few months back, while driving in the car, I asked Elliott what he wanted to be for Halloween. Without skipping a beat he answered “A PIRATE!”. I thought it was a great idea and an easy one to create with things we already owned.

I think he turned out to be most adorable pirate I’ve ever seen. Don’t you?

In years past we haven’t attended Boo at the Zoo because it was at night and a bit pricey.  But, this year they decided to do things differently.  It was during regular zoo hours during the day and it was only $3 to get in.  One day we passed a bus stop with a Boo at the Zoo advertisement on it.  Elliott asked what it said and from that moment on he would get so excited to point out the ads all around town.  I thought it would be fun to surprise him with our plan to go so I wrote out the letters on a piece of paper, knowing that he would recognize them.

So, the cutest pirate in the world, his baby brother, and I headed off to check it out for the first time.

I’ve learned not to push Elliott to do everything that these events have to offer.  He responds best when he’s left to decide how much he wants to participate.  In the past I’ve become frustrated with his stubbornness and inability to have a good time, resulting in me not having a good time either!  I decided that I would be fine with whatever he wanted to do.

Once we arrived it didn’t take long to discover that Elliott had one thing on his mind….CANDY!  He was not interested in playing the games or winning prizes.  He wasn’t interested in the clowns or the band or the animal show.  He definitely wasn’t interested in making a beaded necklace or drawing on a miniature pumpkin.  He wanted candy.  And, lots of it!  So, we hit every candy booth a couple of times until his bucket wouldn’t hold anymore.

Once he scored enough candy he changed his mind about the games and decided that he would try a few of them.  In fact, he tried them all!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved that he decided to do more than collect candy.  After all, there wasn’t much more to do.

After playing all the games, some of them more than once, we took a break for Jude to nurse and for Elliott to sample a few pieces of his candy.  He didn’t mind at all!

It’s amazing what this kid will do for a little candy.  He posed for me…

…with his brother…

…and with his fellow pirates.  Ahoy Matee!  Arrrgh!

This is the face of one very happy 3-year-old high on sugar!

Did I mention that said 3-year-old refused a nap earlier in the day?  He crashed from his sugar high a few minutes after we pulled out of the parking lot.

Being that this was the first time that we ventured out to Boo at the Zoo I don’t have anything to compare it with, but I wasn’t really that impressed.  I have a membership, but now that Elliott is 3 I have to pay $6 for his ticket every time we visit the zoo.  I knew we would have to pay another $3 each to enter the event once we got there.  $12 wouldn’t have been a lot for us to spend last year, but now that we’re stretching our budget so that I can stay home with the boys it was quite a splurge.  So, you can imagine my surprise when we walked through the gate and the ticket taker said, “One adult & two children.”  “Oh, no.”, I said, “Just one adult and one child…he’s only 5 months old (pointing at Jude).”  “No, ma’am.  We charge for every person that enters the gate…all ages.”, she said.  WHAT???  I know it was only $3, but I was flabbergasted!  I asked her if she was receiving a lot of complaints, and of course she nodded yes.  Can you believe that?  Judging by the number of drooling infants there that day, barely able to lift their own heads, let alone enjoy any of the attractions, the Fort Worth Zoo made a boatload of money that day!

All I can say about that is, “ARRGH!”

Oh well.  We managed to have a good time anyway.  I’m not sure that it was worth $15, but I sure did enjoy seeing my little pirate grin from ear to ear…even if it was a little sugar-induced.



  1. Well I do agree that he is the cutest pirate EVER. And you do have great photos for your $15 so I would chalk it up to that. Mike and I were SHOCKED when you texted us that you had to pay for Jude.

    As I told you, I did the survey at the end letting them know what we though. Nadia of course had a blast and is still talking about it, so at least they really had fun. I had the most fun high 5’ing the kids who thought Thing 1 and Thing 2 were so cool.

  2. What a cute way to present this to him! I LOVE his pirate costume. Very cute!

  3. […] You didn’t think we got our fill at Boo at the Zoo, did […]

  4. I just love his little voice! And you got so many great photos…love this post!

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