Posted by: Tricia | November 18, 2010

Collecting the Booty

Halloween 2010

What?  You didn’t think we got our fill at Boo at the Zoo, did you?

We headed back over to our old neighborhood for the fourth year in a row to finish up our quest for more candy.  We started at the Downing’s house where we celebrated sweet Cade’s first birthday.  Brooke did an amazing job creating the cutest monster mash party ever!

We took off without a group shot of all of the kids so I “borrowed” this one of most of the group posing with Cade from Louanne.  (Thanks, Louanne!)  Caleb, and the babies, Jude, Reagan, and Luke, are missing.

Sweet Reagan in her butterfly costume.

The Masons dressed up as The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2.  How cute are they??

Elliott, the dancing pirate, and Elijah in the background dressed up as a cowboy.  He added the construction worker hat at the party.

We decided to use Jude’s helmet as part of his costume.  After all, it’s hard to miss.  I borrowed this Dallas Cowboys jersey from my friend, Kristen, weeks before they began their losing streak.  Oh well.  Perhaps Jude should have tried out for the team.  It couldn’t hurt, right?

His best tough-guy face.

This was the first year that Elliott knew exactly what to do when trick-or-treating.  He marched right up to those houses, held his bucket out, and said “trick-or-treat!”  We had to remind him to use his manners and say, “thank you”, but it was so much fun watching him.  He is getting so big!  (sniff, sniff)

Of course we couldn’t visit our old neighborhood without stopping by to see our old neighbors, Rich & Terry.  They go absolutely crazy over Elliott and he loves them as well.  I think the highlight of the night for Elliott was getting to pass out candy to the kids.  Rich let him take over the job and he handled it like a pro!



  1. Oh…those pics of football player Jude are great! What a fun Halloween!

  2. you are welcome. Can you please email me the 1st photo of your boys and the one you took of the 3 of us? I would love to have that in my scrapbook 🙂

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