Posted by: Tricia | November 24, 2010

D is for Doughnuts, Dominos, Daddy, & Dirt

Elliott told me that he wanted to do D day after C day.  I thought that sounded like a good plan…after all it only makes one sound, and lots of things begin with the letter D!

What better way to launch D day than with some scrumptious homemade Doughnuts? I had never tried this at home and they were yummy!

We read the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den during Bible Time.

After breakfast Elliott made his own big D and little D with Dominos.

And, he practiced writing his own.  He picked up on this fairly quickly.  The first picture at the top of this post is his big D.  Pretty good, huh?

We made Dino Food for our morning snack.  Elliott wasn’t too crazy about it, but everyone else loved it…even the dinosaurs.

D is for Daddy!  And, we are so thankful that he works so close to home.  We could have driven, but it’s much more fun to take a walk and surprise him!

Daddy’s name even starts with a D!!

For lunch Elliott devoured his dinosaur PB&J, Dan-o-nino yogurt, D strawberries, cheese, and cereal, deviled egg, and Ding Dong!

D is for dirt! After nap we made a dirt snack and ate it outside.

Then, we dug in the dirt for buried things that begin with the letter D!

Here they are in the dump truck.

Speaking of dirt…check out this dirty baby who absolutely detests baby food!  But, that’s a different topic for a different post!

We were expecting guests for dinner that night so we made them a welcome sign.  We thought it was really neat that the DeLaune family came over on “D” day!

We didn’t have time to fit all of our D activities in one day so our D day turned into a double D day!  Elliott was delighted!!  He loved doing the dime drop.  It kept him occupied for quite some time.

D is for Donkey!!  At first he wasn’t too crazy about wearing the blind fold and missing the mark for donkey’s tail, but once he realized that it was funny to miss the mark he wanted to play over and over again.

Judging by the look on this dancing boy’s face, I’d say that D day was a hit!

Coming up next, A day!


  1. Honestly Tricia you are most awesome. The best thing about this is how you reinforced everything for him with tangible stuff. Then you can do it all again for Jude. Love it!

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