Posted by: Tricia | January 18, 2011

L is for Ladybug, Lion, Leaves & Library

Elliott really, really wanted to do an ‘L’ day even though he has known how to write them for quite some time.  I thought it would still be a good letter to focus on because he often gets confused about what sound an ‘L’ makes.  For instance, I’ll say, “L is for…”, and he’ll shout “Elliott!”  Even though he knows his names starts with an E, he still gets confused.  We started the morning off with a couple of worksheets that I found and printed off from here.

L is for ladybugs!

Then he looked for ladybugs around the living room!  We do this all of the time with his dinosaurs so I knew that he would love this activity.

This big ladybug was a mistake…I didn’t size it down correctly when I first started to print these guys.  I thought it would still be fun to hide though.  Sure enough Elliott got a kick out of finding out this rather large ladybug hiding under the rug!

Once all of the ladybugs were accounted for he counted them.  10 babies and one big mama he says!

Keeping with the ladybug theme we moved onto this game.  I opted to print our bugs without color so that we could add our own.

Although he didn’t really grasp the concept of even and odd numbers he did have a lot of fun shaking the die and rolling it to see how many dots each ladybug was going to get.

L is for leaves!

After our game we hunted for leaves to use for our leaf printing craft.

The first one came out great because we had a roller brush for the red paint.  For the rest of the leaves he used a paintbrush and the paint was too thick to make a great print.  I think this would be fun to do again if we have rollers for all of the paint colors.

L is for lemon and lime!

Since we were already messy with paint we moved right into painting with lemons and limes.

For our morning snack we made lemonade!

And, Elliott made L’s with his pretzels and yogurt raisins.

I worked on folding laundry while he ate his snack and watched The Lost Letter L WordWorld episode.

L is for little, littler, and littlest!

I gathered up some things around the house that were similar, but in three different sizes (ie: 3 dinosaurs, 3 balls, 3 cars, etc.).  Then I asked Elliott to put each object in each group in the corresponding bins; little, littler, and littlest!  This was all my idea, and it was a total bust.  He had no trouble at all deciding which things went where and he gave up after 2 groups.  I guess you could say that he thought it was lame!

L is for lunch!  Elliott loved his L lunch which included ladybugs and a lion!  Mmmm…..mmmm.

I think this little guy is lovely…even when he has blueberry juice all over his face.  Don’t you agree?

After nap we headed out to the library.  We hunted for books that begin with the letter L, but didn’t come up with much.

We did manage to find this one, though.

In my opinion we saved the best for last on L day!  It had been years since David and I had been to LJS, and Elliott had never been.  We had the best time!  It was such a unexpectedly pleasant way to spend the evening and we had such a great time being together as a family!

That night before bed Elliott prayed and thanked God for all of the things that begin with the letter L!  Hooray for L’s!



  1. My favorite is the game he found “lame.” Haha!
    I love that you do this with Elliott; it’s something I’m hoping to steal from you this year.

  2. So fun! I love the “big mama” ladybug comment.

  3. […] started the day off with a pirate collage.  I had saved the kid’s meal bag from our visit to LJS on L Day, not knowing what I would use it for.  I cut up the pirate into different pieces so that Elliott […]

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