Posted by: Tricia | January 22, 2011


Jude has become quite the little snooper these days. He loves to be a part of the action going on the house. He is so, so curious about everything and wants to go, go, go! I found this old walker at a garage sale for $5 when Elliott was a baby. He didn’t use it much, but Jude loves it! I wish it came with a tripometer because I am certain he has put some miles on this thing! It took him a few weeks to figure out how to move forward, but now he can go just about anywhere he wants in the house.  He’s nearly pulled drawers off their runners.  I’ve caught him dragging a plant around the house.  He’s even managed to pull a heavy ceramic bowl out of the dishwasher when I wasn’t looking….glad it wasn’t a sharp knife!  He is much more mischievous than we remember Elliott being. Oh, boy, what are we going to do when he starts crawling??



  1. Tricia, he is so cute!! We bought Gabriel a walker, but he hasn’t figured it out yet.

  2. Well he is the cutest little snooper ever!

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