Posted by: Tricia | January 30, 2011

Peace & Hominy

A strong-willed child can be both charming and defiant.  He is very persistent and is even willing to take punishment to win.  A strong-willed child is generally gifted in manipulation.  In fact, he is willing to cause emotional upset if it is a means to gain control of his life…being strong-willed goes beyond being stubborn.  A strong-willed child resolutely defends his position and questions any and all authority over him to determine his or her “right” to retain command.  That is more than stubborn.
– Kendra Smiley ( Journey of a Strong-Willed Child)



  1. Wow, I thought mine was the only one who did things like this. However, Nate wails and hollers over these situations. Elliott was just as calm and matter-of-fact about it. Kinda cute after the fact. Miss talking with ya!

    • Don’t let this video fool you! There have been many tears shed over similar things before and after this was taken. I shot this video probably an hour into the ordeal. He sat there for 2 🙂 And, yes. This particular night he had his mind set and was willing to endure any punishment to maintain control!

  2. I also made note of how calm you both are! Thanks for capturing that for all of us. Meal times can be such trying times, my friend.

    I have a hard time figuring out where to draw hard lines (and appropriate consequenses) with food and eating. Keep up the good fight!

    • I think the fact the Elliott is so calm and matter of fact is exactly what is so frustrating about the incident! Nothing we said or did could convince him that he needed to obey! He is so incredibly strong-willed that he made up his mind about what was going to happen and had no qualms about it. He weighed the pros and cons and decided that sitting at the dinner table for 2 hours was worth losing all of his bedtime/nighttime privileges. After reading the book that the quote was taken from I can now say that Elliott definitely won this battle. Not us. Even though he got punished, he didn’t see it as punishment. In retrospect, we should have kept upping the punishment until we found something that worked so that he learned from his poor choice to disobey.

  3. That was the perfect quote to start the post off with!

  4. oh boy. this is true for little miss. We have found that “toy time out” is the most effective. But they have to be taken away for days. If you tell her the rest of the night or the next day – she is like “whatever” . She is willing to take a lot to stay the boss. It’s fairly amazing.

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