Posted by: Tricia | February 2, 2011

The Artist

I will never cease to be amazed each time one of my kids does something for the first time. I think most would agree that it is one of the most satisfying and fascinating things about being a parent.

Elliott has been scribbling on paper for quite some time now, and he’s getting better and better at drawing legible letters.  But, a week or so ago he started doing this for the first time.

I drew a picture and he copied it.  I was amazed…giddy actually.  I’m not saying that he’s a genius or the next Michaelangelo, but there is something so exciting about watching him turn into a real person…a person who can draw things that he imagines!  (Oh, and now that he’s copying drawings, he can also look at letters that he’s never written before and copy them down on his own paper.)

I’m not sure what that overexcited ‘E’ is about, but that is a pretty good tree if you ask me!  And, as is typical of Elliott’s orderly personality, he even added on to my tree’s trunk to make it look like his.

Here are a few more of his latest creations.

A man with claws

A man with a tree

A man

A pirate ship with 4 treasure chests and a pirate

A man with hair

A pirate with a hook hand and a gun on a pirate ship with an anchor…and a treasure chest



  1. ok then…i’ll say it…your kid is a GENIUS!!! holy moly michalangelo!! seriously amazing stuff!!

  2. I love the heads sprouting legs and arms stage of children’s drawings! I always feel a little sad when one of the girls learns to actually draw a body on their people.

  3. I love it! And I remember being totally excited about Nadia’s first “person” she made. It was a little green man from Toy Story. Followed days later by a Buzz Lightyear. And they just keep getting better and better.

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