Posted by: Tricia | February 4, 2011

Snowed In

Only in Texas can you go from temperatures in the 70s on the weekend to temperatures in the teens with a wind chill in the negative within a matter of days.

At the zoo last Friday…warm sunshine.

One week later…snow!

When I heard the forecast for this week’s weather I knew we would be in for a loooooong week inside the house.  We made one last trip to the park to feed the ducks on Saturday, and squeezed in a trip to the library Monday afternoon.  I am so glad we did because we have been stuck in the house ever since!

Tuesday morning we woke up to find the ground covered in white stuff.  I knew it was mostly sleet with a thin layer of snow on top, but figured Elliott and I could still get out in it for a bit.  It took us 15 minutes to get dressed in all of the necessary layers and we spent about 60 seconds outside!  Oh. My. Goodness.  I have never felt that cold in my life!  I suppose venturing outside when the temperature is 16 with a wind chill of -1 and arctic wind gusts at 40 mph is not a good idea.  Ever.  Needless to say, I have no pictures of the event.

Despite the frigid Siberian temps we have been experiencing outside we have still managed to find a lot to do inside!

We’ve spent lots of time looking out the windows and admiring God’s creation!

We’ve enjoyed lots and lots of hot cocoa paired with snuggling on the couch!

We played with diggers in cracked wheat!

We made a mess drawing in shaving cream!

We played with boats in the sink.

We worked on drawing and writing our own stories.

We made a huge pillow jump pile and jumped into it over and over again!

We made our own pretzels.

And, we’ve tried our hardest to stay warm!

We also built an indoor obstacle course, snuggled up in my bed to read lots of books together,  and played lots and lots of Mickey Mouse Yahtzee!

We certainly have not gotten bored!

This morning we woke up to discover that it had snowed during the night!

And, unlike earlier in the week, now the temperature is bearable and there isn’t any wind.  Hooray!

As soon as Jude was down for his morning nap Elliott and I headed out to play!

We made snow angels.

And, Elliott got to do one of his most favorite things in the world…eat the snow!  I’m not sure what his fascination is with it but it’s always the first thing he wants to do when he sees snow.  And, then he complains that his face is cold! We made a compromise this time.  He could eat the snow only if he used a cup and a spoon, but he was not allowed to stick his face in the snow!

He was happy to comply!

We also did some sledding!  Some of my fondest memories of growing up in the south and the little bit of snow it’s had to offer are of cookie sheet sledding!  This was so much fun to do with my little boy.  He loved it!

Unfortunately not everyone was as excited about the snow as we were.

Jude didn’t have quite the same reaction to the snow that Elliott did around the same age!

The boys and I are usually very busy, on the move all the time, so I was dreading being cooped up in the house.  This Texas mama is definitely ready for the sun to shine again, but I must say that these last few days have been such a sweet time for us and I will be sad (in some ways) to see them go.



  1. that photo of Jude crying is priceless

  2. Y’all did loads of fun things! Caroline had the same reaction to the snow as Jude : (

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